What day of the week of "FiveAwesomeGirls/Guys" Would you be?

If you had a chance to be in the "FiveAweomsomeGirls/Guys" What day of the week would you be?
(monday to friday)

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Well, I'm actually in FiveAwesomeYAFans and I'm THURSDAY, which is the most awesome day of the week.
Hmmm...well I watch the FiveAwesomeGuys and I like all the days but I think I'd be better suited for Friday...coz it's my favourite day of the week!
Monday, just because then I would have the whole weekend to deal with doing my video.
My same answer and reason.
I always thought of Tuesday as the awkward one. Wednesday is the halfway mark, the day you can go "Sigh, half way done! Only a little bit more to survive!" Tuesday's just... blargh. Yes, blargh.
Friday for sure. It is my fav day of the week and the one day I get off work early =D
I would wanna be thursday from fiveawsomegirls cause
She amazing :P
That and thursday is the best day of the week
Even if in 2009 the day is really selfish and gets the first and the last video...

Oh I have no clue! I am to be in a new vlog project, and we still haven't decided who will be which week day. I would like to be a Wednesday or a Thursday I guess, I could deal with Fridays.
Thursday, for sure.
I love thursdays.
And in WeekofEight, I'm day four. Which is just as good at thursday.
It's an awesome day!
I couldn't do Monday. Ever.
I hate them, so I'd always be crabby in my videos. (:

Possibly Wednesday.


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