There are a lot of nerdfighters and I was wondering if we really had anything in common besides being nerds and things that are nerdfighter related. So I’m going to start by saying something then you comment if you don’t like that thing. Then, you would say a different thing on new comment. Or if every one happens to like the thing I said say something else. Don’t say we all like Hank and John because that’s obvious (but do tell if you don’t like one of them).

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we all like The Beatles
it just seems like it from all the music discussions
I like the Beatles too!
LOVE the Beatles
I <3 them!
The Beatles are fantastic.
I like what I've heard of the beatles :]
that is probably true
Yay! I LOVE the Beatles!!
Don't like 'em, sorry.
The Beatles = AHMAZING
I like to bake and make up new recipes.


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