My Favorite things to put on my head whales, shells, funny hats,John Green books and Harry Potter books. How about you?

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I have a really awesome fedora, problem is it's too small now.
Fedoras are cool [=
That they are.
Bowls, preferably filled with the breakable objects of decepticons!

Or fruit.
Bowls are excellent things to put on your head!
Books are a common thing for me. ( i do this to my favorite books.)  I also like funny hats, silly stuffed animals, and tea boxes. 
I will try the Tea Boxes, never put that on my head
hehe :D I am glad you are willing to try it !
haha yeah, I did it this morning and my mom looked at me like I was crazy. Perhaps I am =]
You could tell her that the internet did it before you, but that might not help your case-
It might not lol



That may sound unoriginal but I own about ten hats...


And I have worn all at the same time.


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