What gets you through every day?

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That is what I am currently trying to figure out. I mean, I used to live for myself, but now, I'm not so sure of anything anymore. Will I live for love? I don't know. It's kind of hard to believe in modern day love. But, there must be some reason I am living. Perhaps it's because no matter how hard things tend to get, I find myself believing in a better tomorrow. Even at my worst, there's still that part of me that wants to believe in hope.
Hm, this is a hard question to answer without being pessimistic. To be terribly honest, I have no idea what I live for or what even gets me through everyday. Maybe the sun shining, or going to class to educate me further. There are so many possibilities that I have no idea what I live for, however I do think I live for a better tomorrow. That maybe, just maybe, if I continue to learn and grow that I'll someday make this world a  better place to live in, or maybe that is me being to optimistic. All in all, I can't exactly tell you for I really don't know.

It'd have to be my pack!  Hands down!

I have found out through my 26yrs of life that people will leave you at the drop of a hat when times get tough.  But dogs, nope.  Everyday when I get up, life is just so much better looking forward with them.

the endless opportunities life presents and the realization that life could end at moments notice.

My pocket-watch. It reminds me of my "motto" of sorts - Count your seconds. It reminds me that I'm lucky to be breathing at this moment and to not waste the small amount of time I get on this earth.

I guess, living my life as if a mixed bag filled with nice things (love, appreciation for what I am and enjoying what I do) and bad things (trolling by others, hurtful "critque", etc.) where in the end, what truly matters is how I live by them.

I think of life as an obstacle course. Everyday.
Everyday is a series of problem solving feats and preparation for the next threat of things-that-want-to-be-less-than-amazing.
Doesn't feel so much like I'm struggling to get to the end of the day for a specific reward, although I have had such days they are not the norm. It feels more like jumping from one steady flow of events and onto another until I end up where I wanted to be. Sometimes it gets jittery. Sometimes I fall off and have to start over or change direction completely but I'm often happy with where I end up, even if it isn't where I was trying to go when I started.

I think it is important to always keep moving and never lose that momentum, even when things go wrong. Think 3 or 5 steps ahead and keep moving forward.

It keeps my life pretty fulfilling, exciting, and functional.

Getting through everything and being able to look back and go "I kicked ass and damn it if I didn't take names" (Umm sorry for the language). I have been through a lot already and it makes me stronger, and helps me keep going. Hopefully I keep going and I can finally get to doing what I love and maybe being able to make a difference in someone else's life. *shugs* I hope so.

The idea that one morning I'll wake up and finally discover my place in this world.

The moments when everything falls into place.

His smile, wind in the trees, sitting outside on a break and absorbing the warmth, the smell of honeysuckle, purring kitties, and knowing that it will all get better. 

I distract myself long enough to fall asleep.  Sometimes I think about really cool shit, like how big the universe is, what its made of, where people come from, and stuff like that, and then I think they're putting robots on mars, and we're getting close to finding life there.  aliens, man, aliens. and i think to myself about how piddly human concerns really are. because if the universe really is that big, and mars really is that far away, and, there's life on it too - we're not alone, and, moreover, we can do anything.  that keeps me motivated and on the nerdpath for awhile.


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