Personally,  for the vast majority of situations - actually, all situations, I am against the death penalty.  With the possibility of false convictions or being used to kill off opposition (or gay people in some places), it's horrendous.  With the fact that dead people can't help us figure out how to prevent pedophilia, it's pointless. 

But then again there are some major suck in the world and sometimes it would seem nice to just see the back of it. On the plus side we'd have less people, and the world is overpopulated. Or would we?  Populations tend to rise dramatically after wars, like people are having 10 kids to counteract all the death.  So mebbe the families of death penalty recipients have more kids than average?  I don't know but it's an interesting thought.

What about you?  What do you think?

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No more slaughter it just gives to much world suck and to all those who like that stuff just play COD.
I am against the death penalty because if they killed someone and we kill them for that what makes us better than them?

Because we are doing it for justice and to a worthless person.

Some people deserve to die. But in the world we live in today, and based on how much it costs (and how long it takes) to kill someone, not to mention how goddamn often we get it wrong, we should not execute people. Just lock them up and throw away the key

Yes but I saw on a documentary show called "Lockdown" that those inmates who acted inhumanly outside and have nothing to loose act inhumanely inside. They just have nothing to loose what else can they do to them? Solitary confinement is to inhumane in long term use so what do you do? For different things that cops or the govt itself does has to have different LEVELS OF PROOF. For instance if a cop stops you on the road he can't just search your car unless you give him permission. If a police dog alerts on the outside then he has PROBABLE cause to investigate and search your car. The level of proof is probable cause in this case. My point is that for different crimes the level of proof is different. A lot of people don't know this. Right now, in the states, the level of proof for murder is BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. Which is why we have made mistakes. I think that in order to receive the death penalty the Govt should HAVE A LEVEL OF PROOF OF BEYOND ANY DOUBT. That is different from reasonable doubt. I also think the number of appeals for no doubt cases. That should keep down the cost.

I don't get your point. If we execute them, then sure, they have nothing to lose. But if we just lock them up, then I doubt it will have the same effect as imminent death.

Your penultimate sentence seemed to be the one you were building up to, but you left a word out. I'm assuming you it would be "should be reduced" or something...

I'm against it. Period.

And I would like to remind people, especially Catholics, that you cannot claim the moniker of pro-life and not oppose the death penalty. Now, I'm pro-choice vis a vis abortion, so maybe I'm not pro-life either, at least in your book. But if you're against abortion and not the death penalty, you're holding a sucky opinion.

I'm not Catholic, nor pro-life (although I'm very fond of life), but I think the reason why people can hold such a position has to do with the question of innocence. Whereas that is undoubtedly bigoted, since you're not supposed to judge and all sins are equal in face of God and whatnot, it's no doubt that babies, if anything, can be considered innocent. However since everyone else is a sinner, I guess we all ought to kill each other and just be done with it...

Dang dude that's a little extreme.

But I wonder if not I would have found it the best solution, philosophically speaking, if I indeed were religious. But since I'm not, it makes no sense to rebel against God in this manner. Besides, I don't think I would have much luck persuading anyone else to join in on it, and I stress that it would have been absolutely crucial that everyone joined. There could be no one left behind. Otherwise I would have achieved nothing, and missed out on a whole lot of living for absolutely no reason at all.

So I live in amurica. So I will be writing from this countries facts and best.

Here in amurica we do not believe in redemption and do not rehabilitate our the people in our prisons. 

We eventually release them and they come back or learn how to be better criminals and then never come back. But we do not have counselors sit down and work with them and rehabilitate them and help them become productive members of society again. Some countries do that. 

We actually have SUCH a problem with that that it would now be impossible to help all of them because we have a ton of them and not a ton of funding. 

Populations rise dramatically after wars is kinda misreading statistics. They rise both because people stop dieing but also because suddenly tons of young men are home with their lovers and celebrating and accidently having more kids.

Keeping all that in mind i think there are times when the death penalty should be applicable.

1. Whenever life in prison is on the table, The inmate should be able to choose the death penalty. 

2. Situations where someone is clearly never going to stop, Once you've molested and murdered like 10 kids your chance at being a human should be gone.

Keeping all that in mind i think there are times when the death penalty should be applicable.

1. Whenever life in prison is on the table, The inmate should be able to choose the death penalty. 

2. Situations where someone is clearly never going to stop, Once you've molested and murdered like 10 kids your chance at being a human should be gone.

I sort of agree. At least it is cases were I would be indifferent about it. I'm okay with Norway not practicing death penalty, but when this guy comes along and kills 77 people, in just one day, you kind of wish that we did, you know... Luckily we had at least extra-circumstantial mechanisms in place to make sure the that bastard stays incarcerated for life though... It's not a sure thing, but sure enough...

I do think that the US executes too many, and for too little sometimes. Whenever I see "documentaries" about the US prisons, it appears as if the US prisons haven't evolved much for the past hundred years. They all have these huge cell blocks with open cells, with thousands of inmates in each block... With so many criminals, it makes sense that that would necessarily have to continues for decades still, even if you started up rehabilitation programs for a select few today, but still... Is that true for low security prisons as well, which are never featured in such documentaries? Do you just throw them all in there, into such detrimental environments? Don't you have different kind of prisons, for different kinds of inmates, and different kinds of programs?

I just think that if I survived such prison, with no applicable skills other than being a scumbag, it would make me resent society even more, and having survived it would be the only badge of honor I'd have left ;)


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