Personally,  for the vast majority of situations - actually, all situations, I am against the death penalty.  With the possibility of false convictions or being used to kill off opposition (or gay people in some places), it's horrendous.  With the fact that dead people can't help us figure out how to prevent pedophilia, it's pointless. 

But then again there are some major suck in the world and sometimes it would seem nice to just see the back of it. On the plus side we'd have less people, and the world is overpopulated. Or would we?  Populations tend to rise dramatically after wars, like people are having 10 kids to counteract all the death.  So mebbe the families of death penalty recipients have more kids than average?  I don't know but it's an interesting thought.

What about you?  What do you think?

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and if you end up that innocent person killed? plus, there wouldn't be this "potential threat" with life in prison.

The penal system is for penalizing someone. The rehabilitation is not for everyone or every crime. If you are worried about innocent people getting sentenced to death fix that part. Me, I am for killing worthless scum.

But is it possible to guarantee  that innocent people will never get sentenced to death? Obviously in an ideal hypothetical situation you could make that claim, but in the real world, how can you create a flawless justice system?

Beyond that, what benefit is there to killing criminals?

I love how simple it is in your world. Just fix that part, obviously.

If it is serious enough but this can't just be decided in a state court if should be appealed to a higher hearing, also we have to consider this is life and death, yes there are bad people in this world, but that shouldn't mean if they should be killed, as well the prison are rather full right now, but that doesn't mean we could figure something out. We have so many opinions I don't think it will ever be fully ban. But i do agree that it is pointless for the homosexual death penalty because you were born that way, and it natural. 

I'm on the board line for this whole situation.

We have terrorist, and serial killers, but no one deserves to die. It is a crime against humanity as they say.

It's one of the dumbest fucking ideas we've ever had.

Populations rise after wars because the (normally) young men are away for years at a time and when they get back they bang their wives a lot, and the whole group of people decide to have kids at one time. Death penalty families might have kids due to a death but I wouldn't say as a group they're more likely to.

Also the idea of killing people to depopulate the world makes zero sense and is fairly immoral. I mean the world population problem isn't going to be solved by a few hundred people dying, nor would we be necessarily killing the right people. First world countries tend to have less of an overpopulation problem than third world countries who probably already have a higher mortality rate and shorter life-spans and so on.

As far as the death penalty goes it's a question of morality. Some of the sick-minded might say that it's justice and self-defense and the killers deserves it and maybe they do but that has nothing to do with what we're morally obligated to do. The thing is you should never kill someone, you can do it in self-defense but many acts of self-defense can still create a monster. It desensitizes your morality by giving you an out, by giving you a situation where it's totally acceptable to take a life. Just contain them for life, it's cheaper and it accomplishes the same thing without bloodshed. I'd argue that even containing them forever isn't the most moral act but until we have Planet Evil, a planet where evil people live their cartoonishly caricature lifestyles, comes to exist we've got nothing else to lean on.



First world countries tend to have less of an overpopulation problem than third world countries who probably already have a higher mortality rate and shorter life-spans and so on

Even if that's true, first world countries tend to have an over-consumption problem. So even if there's 1 person in a first world country for every 5 in a third world country, it seems to be that 1 first world person is consuming 5 times as much as each third world person, meaning, the first world country is consuming 25 times the amount of the third world country. The attendant human rights / worker / land / military exploitation, pollution and waste issues also seem to lead to the idea that it's the first world consumption that's in part creating the mortality rate issues in the third world country.  For example, with climate change issues + industrial pollusion, regions that normally have drought issues, but a large enough river/wet season to allow for farming, are finding that when there is water, it's dirty, and when there's not, they crops aren't growing anyway. So the GM folks designed drought resistant seeds, but instead of just letting them buying it once and then doing the traditional "save some seeds from this crop to plant the next"  the seeds are under license, so they're having to pay license fees every single year.  Which, of course, they can't always afford to do.  And it contributes to food shortages. And the problem it's almost like the first world over-consumption is a death penalty for the third world farming community...for the "crime" of simply being born randomly in the rough end of the stick....

I personally would rather be killed than serve life in prison. It would just suck big hairy ones.

Death row would suggest they serve life in prison, and then get the death penalty.

I'd rather serve life in prison. At least the rent is free, I could see a counsellor (hopefully) to deal with whatever it is that made me do something that horrible, and there's the off chance that whoever I'd hurt will recover too, and I'd live to see it, and then maybe they'd ask for me to be released cos I'd be showin remorse and improvement and all that.

THEN, I'd have served me time, and I'd try and get on with living.

But that's just me.

But people like serial killer can't be helped. I would rather put them to death than be locked upforever.

Abredo as I said I think that better to kill em than to lock em up forever.  Either way that part still has to be fixed.

Can't send hate mail to the dead.


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