In honor of me finishing "Looking for Alaska" I am starting this discussion.

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"Ujt nihil non iisdem verbis redderetur auditum."
French the Llama!!!
"where is the white light"
Please Let Me Escape My Labyrinth Of Suffering
My last words will probably be either, "It wasn't worth it," "I'm too young to die," "This is all your fault," or "I hope you know that I died unhappy, scared, and in terrible pain."

I'm big on the guilt trips :D!
Ohmigawsh, that last one... it's... cruel! Lmao
:D I try.
I hope that I have left this world a better place.
Assuming that I live a long and fulfilling life, do what I want to do, and regret nothing:
"I can only hope that my search for truth and knowledge can continue unabated."

Otherwise, I'd like to confess my greatest regret, whatever that may be.
Ooo. I don't know. Hmmm... it would be cool if I said something out of a book or a really awesome movie. Oooo! I have it! I think it would be cool to say something relating to Black Santa's.
I think my last words are going to be something along the lines of "I never got to see Avatar.... bleeerghh"
decided on stealing this one:

"and you shall love your crooked neighbor with your crooked heart"

i love this to pieces.


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