In honor of me finishing "Looking for Alaska" I am starting this discussion.

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Karl Marx reference, right? Or is it a direct quote?
"So many regrets... I'm dead!"
"I still don't believe you're back...A heart attack, surely."
Or my favorite...
"I'll show you what to do. Watch very carefully..." *drops dead*

What? My death can't reference AVPM?

Ok, I wouldn't mind...

"If anyone ever says anything about how I'm in a better place, heaven, the afterlife, or any of that bullshit, I will come back and KICK. YOUR. ASS! ...Please ignore the irony in that statement."
I lol'ed at the AVPM one...Oh, Snape.
I love the AVPM ones. xD
THE AVPM REFFERENCE IS GOLD! mine would probably be a line from that, or maybe they would be "WHAT?! the great perhaps is ---" then i die in midsentence or "make crops * dies* "
¨Roads? Where I´m going I don´t need roads.¨
I know this one... why can't I... remember... damnit

OH! Brown! right.
"I don't have any regrets about the life I led." thats what I want my last words to be.
The world has done my a great honour (playing host to my mortality), but now I must relinquish to the Abyss and to the heart of my dreams, fare thee well.

Over Dramatic...but I love it all the same.
"Hey guys, bury me with my iPhone, I might use it in another life."
I like yours the best.
Right now i am neither early, nor late, as i am at the end of my time.


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