In honor of me finishing "Looking for Alaska" I am starting this discussion.

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I want that on my tombstone.
"I achieved my dreams, you can't say fairer than that" - just gotta hope I achieve all my dreams :)
"Oh, would you guys shut the hell up? Technically speaking, y'all are dying, too." But in reality, I'd probably be crying too much to say anything really and my last words would be something like "buh, buh, buh I duhWANNAdie!"
I would say:

Oh my god! I'm going to die! Please tell people that my last words were something wise and profound!
Letting the minotaur eat you is no way to escape the labyrinth. You have golden thread in your pocket, use it. I Love you all, never forget it, never doubt it. Be good. If I don't see you in Heaven, there'll be Hell to pay. Bury me under a starry sky, and plant honeysuckle over my grave.

That borders on a last speech, but whatever.
" will I ever get out of this damn labyrinth ( or something along those lines, I forget what it was exactly, but if you read the book you will know )
I think just before I die I would like to stretch my legs and say "Now, it is time for my leap of faith." then lay down and pass on. However on the offhand chance that I die by being chased and subdued by a giant dark flame monster in the Mines of Moria it would have to be "Run... you fools!" =]
or `now where did i put that fire extinguisher?`

That would be one of the preferred methods of dying.  Especially cos he comes back even more powerful than before, and with nicer hair too.

Re-spawn in 5...4..3..2..1
"Beautiful this day, no matter who has died."

Actually, I'd like to go like Einstein. He went into a coma, only coming out briefly to mutter, "It's beautiful over there." before dying.This instance, above all else, makes me feel incredibly secure in my belief in God.

Not to say that there-absolutely-is-a-God-and-how-can-you-not-believe-AAAAAAARRRGHJEEEESUS!! That's not where I was going with that. It's just comforting. I find it comforting, and so I hope to comfort others by repeating it.
I don't really know what I'd want my last words to be in normal circumstances. Probably something cryptic, like "Rosebud...."

Otherwise, if I'm murdered, I want my last words to be "Go f*** yourself." to my murderer (which may or may not have been inspired by the movie Stay Alive)


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