In honor of me finishing "Looking for Alaska" I am starting this discussion.

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i would make all my greedy relatives put on mask that represents there greed (in case you don't know got idea from twilight zone) and say" i'm giving my money not to any of you, but instead to the people that desevre it like that homeless man right around the corner who only wants something to eat and a place to call home...aaaaah" thud.
I wanna die with a close one and say something like "I've always wanted to tell you this, it was my deepest, darkest secret. I was ashamed that I-" (Dies) Then hopefully someone will care enough to start a search into my deepest darkest secret that I dont have. Imagine if i die famous there'll be conspiracy theories about me and the like, it'll be awesome. Or i could just say something nonsensical like Rosebud, cept that had meaning.
"Well, all roads lead to Amber" "Sandoz lived through this" (Rakhat, anyone? Anyone?)
Or alternatively: "Where the hell did everything go?"
Really: "Fuck you all."
Most likely: "Goodbye [insert name here]. Be glad you didn't know me very long"
I would tell my best friend to "Live long and prosper" because we both love Star Trek and I'm always Spock. I'd also probably do the Vulcan salute. Yeah, that's right. Nerd in the house. Not that that's anything new for my fellow Nerdfighterians.
Zounds! You said what I was planning on putting down! D: Oh well, I'm saying it when I die anyway. :)

Successfully doing the vulcan salute would probably kill me....

Good ones! I'd say:

I'll dance it out
"Violent delights have violent ends, and this is mine"
I would say "unquote" haha, but really i don't know what i would say because its kind of an "in the moment" thing, ya Know? Like in this moment here and now, you don't know when or where you're going to die. It all depends on the moment, and who you are. You won't really know until the moment comes along. But, i think it would be really cool to say Unquote :) but it would be cooler if your first words were quote!
I think if you think too much about a fancy-pants last sentence, there's probably a good chance that you will die saying 'oh shit!' as you desperately scramble through your memory (or your pockets, if by some reason you've written it down) in search of those perfect last words. And even if you remember your 'perfect' last words, at the time you are dying, they probably won't be the most apropriate for the circumstances. I say save your creativity for last words for your death bed, and meanwhile focus on the present. Isn't that what the book is all about?
haha <3

"TROOLLL!!! IN THE DUNGEONS!!! Thought you ought to know..." - death


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