In honor of me finishing "Looking for Alaska" I am starting this discussion.

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I think I might sort of be in a daze as I sing the mario game over music in doo's. Maybe even with that little noise it makes the moment you die. If I don't die immediately after that I might just laugh for a bit.

That was an awesome answer :-)

Just saying :-P

my last words toughy, I have thought of different last words for different deaths but for as genrel last words would be

before my twin died ' final I beat Emma in something, rub it in her face for me'
if Emma's there 'Emma something I also wanted to say and never found the way to say it and I have finally found the words....(then I would die)'
If Emma is already dead 'I want to be buried next to Emma, we have always been close but I think the same coffin would be a bit extreme'
Wow my world revoles around my sister
I'm sure most of these have probably been said but,

"So long suckers!"
"See you later."
"Make sure you bury a flashlight with me, it might be dark in there."
"If you sell my stuff later, I will personally haunt you."
and if I die before my sisters, "FIRST!" :p
"I'm sorry but it's time to go"
I'd say
Peace Out Suckers!!!!!!
man she sure owed me a lot of money
Drink to me. --Pablo Picasso
"Time is something humans dare not waste, for it may end up being their worst regret. Therefore I am glad I did not waste my life foolishly, and instead I became a nerdfighter her played on the computer for all eternity."

Where's the like button... ? :-)

I don't know anything and I never will
ooo, this is such a good question!!! I'm just beginning Looking for Alaska hahaha. brilliant topic! :) I would say that I want my last words to be talking to the love of my life and my friends, telling them how much I love them, or if I have a family, telling them and my friends how I feel <3


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