In honor of me finishing "Looking for Alaska" I am starting this discussion.

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That was an awesome answer :-)

Just saying :-P

my last words toughy, I have thought of different last words for different deaths but for as genrel last words would be

before my twin died ' final I beat Emma in something, rub it in her face for me'
if Emma's there 'Emma something I also wanted to say and never found the way to say it and I have finally found the words....(then I would die)'
If Emma is already dead 'I want to be buried next to Emma, we have always been close but I think the same coffin would be a bit extreme'
Wow my world revoles around my sister
I'm sure most of these have probably been said but,

"So long suckers!"
"See you later."
"Make sure you bury a flashlight with me, it might be dark in there."
"If you sell my stuff later, I will personally haunt you."
and if I die before my sisters, "FIRST!" :p
"I'm sorry but it's time to go"
I'd say
Peace Out Suckers!!!!!!
man she sure owed me a lot of money
Drink to me. --Pablo Picasso
"Time is something humans dare not waste, for it may end up being their worst regret. Therefore I am glad I did not waste my life foolishly, and instead I became a nerdfighter her played on the computer for all eternity."

Where's the like button... ? :-)

I don't know anything and I never will
ooo, this is such a good question!!! I'm just beginning Looking for Alaska hahaha. brilliant topic! :) I would say that I want my last words to be talking to the love of my life and my friends, telling them how much I love them, or if I have a family, telling them and my friends how I feel <3
If I die before my friend:


Or maybe something else along those lines, but slightly more exciting. We have a bet going based on who will die first (this stems from our senior year of high school when our science teacher announced that white women are statistically more likely to outlive white men).

Otherwise, something more like "Well, that was fun." or "So long and thanks for all the fish!"


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