because of the recent events concerning Islam(i.e Ground-zero mosque, 9/11, Qur'an book burning, etc.) I began to wonder if we westerners really know anything about Islam and its beliefs. It seems to me that all we actually know comes from things we have heard about, like terrorists, women's oppression, and other things like that, that have come from Islamic countries and then we tend to associate all that with the religion. Is our popular knowledge about Islam true? It's not like people take the time to crack open the Qur'an and read its contents, Islamic beliefs isn't widely studied here and barely anyone takes the time to learn about it. Just like to hear your thoughts

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I should hope it won't be mine.  If it were that would mean you were sexually assaulting me, and I'm fairly certain that even within your religion that's only acceptable when it's male on (nine year old) female.



This is the internet. While I'll admit that I'm a bit more harsh here than in real life, I think that I can get away with saying I'll shut someone up.


And ma'am, you just both called Kenny stupid and said, "fuck no." I like to treat people slightly better than they treat others, and so far I think I've done a pretty good job of it. Kenny isn't the most polite guy, and I don't always agree with him, but he's smart, he has good morals and he isn't afraid to express his opinions. I respect him, and would appreciate it if you didn't call him a dumbass just because he upset you.

he didn't upset occurred to me that he is a dumb-ass, and i felt the urge to express myself. 

but your right to some's always a bit rude to state the obvious. :)

but can we please get back on topic now? 

where are those rules you promised me? 

I sincerely question your maturity.


In any case, let's start off with a basic one. Yawning. I have no idea if it's common knowledge or not, but yawning is considered bad in Islam.

and im sincerely questioning your sanity.


inta ahbal yad?


where did you hear this from exactly? i thought you said you were opening the q'uran and looking for things to comment on. did you like find a thing dedicated to yawning or what?


I'm speechless. you know after the long hours of hysteric laughter, i was actually considering not replying to you because this is just so stupid, but i came to my senses and decided to clear everything out.


there is NOTHING anywhere that says you can't yawn. yes, some of those crackpot fanatics said that you can't yawn with your mouth open, but since they're not god and EVERYONE knows that their 'rules' are ridiculous; they have become running jokes amongst people.  


next actual rule, please?

Ah, so you are a troll.


Good job. You actually had me going there for a bit, but in the end you acted a bit too stupid, giving the joke away.


And give me a second. I found it when flipping through my copy of the Qur'ran, and forgot to mark it.

I don't understand, what part of this is the joke and what part of it is reality? I was answering with all seriousness.



thank you

I didn't really mean obnoxious on second thoughts so I'm deleting that.  I was just thinking about how he (Kenny) can be rude and insulting towards some people and just voices his opinion without pulling any punches or worrying who'll get offended. I think he's being a dick sometimes but I still find myself kind of liking him.    



keep in mind that i am a lady and i expect to be treated like one.

Most ladies have accepted feminisim, and with it the fact that your gender determines very little/nothing of how you will be treated.
sorry, but i'm not one of them
Question, if you want equality, how can you expect to be treated differently?


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