I'd like to assume Slytherin, but for some reason I can't accept it, so Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw maybe? Definitely not Gryffindor... The old hag is the last person I'd expect to be brave... Anyways Just curious!

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Slytherin, no doubt about it. Definitely. And she's obviously not particularly hard-working enough to be in Hufflepuff. I guess she isn't as smart either, so yes, Slytherin. I would bet my life on it. xD
Maybe she went to Beaxbatons :)
I'm thinking Hufflepuff. She's mean, but I don't think she intends to be evil, although her punishments may be cruel. In the book, I think, she actually truelly believes that Harry and Dumbledore are Lying about the return of Voldemort. A number of times Harry is accused of being an attention seeker by several people, so it wouldn't surprise me if Umbridge thought the same thing about him. I don't know about anyone else, but I've always viewed the houses as: Gryffindor-the cool kids, Slytherin-The bullies and the skrew ups, Ravenclaw-the nerds, Hufflepuff-the losers. Umbridge is definitely a loser, so I say Hufflepuff.
I've always thought Hufflepuffs are the creatives and Umbridge is definitely not creative. It seems easy but I'd have to say Slytherin, or perhaps Ravenclaw. Ravenclaws are book smart and follow the rules perhaps she's a screw up Ravenclaw.
Hey....Be nice to Hufflepuffs. :-D I'm a Hufflepuff, here! But I do agree that Gryffindors are the cool kids, the Slytherins the bullies, Ravenclaws the nerds, but I think that Hufflepuffs are the average kids. Not really noticed, but you know, still there. Funny, I'm a geek and nerd, and I'm a Hufflepuff. xD I think I care more about friends, and helping people than schoolwork.
I agree about this.. I think Hufflepuffs are the overlooked and unnoticed kids while Slytherin is all bad/bullies, Ravenclaws the know-it-all smarty-pantses, and Gryffindors are the popular, cool, and "brave" kids... they're the adventurous action-takers.

I'd say Delores is ...hmm... maybe she is a Ravenclaw... because she truly believes that Harry is wrong, she's not out to get him in the same way that a Slytherin would be. I can't possibly see her as a Hufflepuff though... she's not average/normal enough. so maybe she is a Ravenclaw because she's trying to follow the "old" rules from back in Filch's day. They're rules, just not current ones. Although, as Ravenclaws are smart, they would know that that many awful colors of pink and meowing kittens are just NOT great decorating moves... I agree with her being a screw-up Ravenclaw like @genericfirstname said
I shall not take what you just said about my house as an insult. xD
I'm sure it says that she's Slytherin in the book, if not I still say Slytherin.
Thanks, I'm actually leaning towards Slytherin or Hufflepuff now...
She isn't wise enough to be in Ravenclaw in my opinion or hard-working to be in Hufflepuff or brave enough to be in Gryffindor. I think the only house she could have been in was Slytherin.


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