What if he was wrong. What would the world be like. What if we find out he is wrong. :'(

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How do you mean exactly? 

This topic seems to suffer from... well... let's put it like this:

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

-Albert Einstein

t least serious scientist would start working on FTL drives. That would be cool.

Wrong about what?

If he was wrong about e=mc^2

There is an article in Discover magazine the cover storey, about some serious scientist think he is wrong. I bought the mag but haven't read the article yet?


The world would be exactly the same, we would just have a starting point for a deeper understanding of it -- like when scientists realised that Newton's and Maxwell's theories were mutually exclusive :)

That's my theory :D

From one intellectual blunder spawn thousands of new queries and a subsequent plethora of answers (to which there shall always be more questions).

Many Greek scientists and philosophers have long since been proved incorrect, but it's only made things better for the world.

The world would be exactly as it is today, just slightly more mysterious. In some ways, not knowing things is one of the many joys of science, as science is in a way the journey to the answer rather than the answer itself - the product of curiosity if you like. Finding out Einstein was wrong would mean a new frontier for science, and many more opportunities to gain more knowledge. We would merely need a new perspective on our amazing world.

You know its funny that some of Einstein's stuff disproved some of Newton's stuff, but Newton's stuff is still useful.

Of course he is wrong. N0 one knows how or why yet but he is. I just really don't think gravity is a curve in space. But That is just my instinct and a WAG.

Uhm isn't it supposed to be that gravity curves space, so the curvature is what gravity does as distinct from what it is  (which I don't think he knew either and that's probably where all this is going to fall to bits one day)


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