As in, what's the point of going to Mars if there are children starving in the slums of India? Or do we need to have awesome things to counter balance the suckish things? 

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What we really need are superheroes like these: they increase awesome because they're just amazing and they help fight suck. Job done.

Increasing world awesome decreases world suck. That's the point of going to Mars. It increases awesome by the side effects of making technicle advances that are used everywhere. What  if going to mars leads to more efficient ways of growing food. Things like cultivating and growing algae and meat and plant cells in tanks. Then perhaps there wouldn't be starving people in India. Or people from one area might move off planet then those starving people might move to a more productive area now less crowded. Of course I am highly entheusiastic  about space.  Is there some way to do spell check this. It underlines but I don't know how to correct it.

right click on the underlined bits, it should give you some options on spelling.

I find it difficult to disagree with this.  Sometimes having "bat shit crazy" goals requires the fulfillment of little goals, as you say, going to space means innovative ways to grow food, and we certainly need that!

That said some of world suck (re food) is the wastage.  We've got a thousand and one ways to get diabetes in a rich country but there are parts of the world were you can't even get a sandwich.  So we also need to target specifically on what causes the suck.

On the other hand, when I'm feeling under-the-suck and I watch a documentary on things like the Rover mission, or Star Trek, and hear about 3d printers and stuff like that, I think "we're at this turning point where we could all die, or, wind up in world peace and health and happiness traveling the universe HOW F***NG AWESOME IS THAT!!"   I would like to think that we're going to choose the second door...I'm quite happy to live in this age thinking of the second option....but not the first :)  Morale boosts are motivating and all that.

Because when we increase world awesome and do amazing things that once people would have said where crazy and impossible you give people the ability to look at that and find something to strive for and giving someone something to strive for and hope they can achieve is one of the best ways to decrease world suck.

Decreasing world-suck is most definitely more important to me for a score of reasons. I don't understand how people can spend trillions of dollars on going to Mars when there are people in their own country, region, state, or city who're hungry, cold, homeless, etc. Decreasing world suck increases world awesome, but increasing world awesome doesn't always decrease world suck.

Still, it's not like the money you spend going to Mars disappears. It goes into some already heavy pockets but a trip to mars would employ A LOT of people. My grandfather was employed building roads for a private space exploration facility (or whatever it's called).

Saving the homeless is a different issue in a lot of ways, you can do things like go to Mars or create social programs or whatever but there will still be poor people unless there's a more substantial level of change. Socially speaking I mean, money isn't the issue so much as what everyone wants.

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I totally understand that going to Mars and exploring the frontiers of space are important things to do, and yes, no matter what, people will still suffer. But if you try to decrease the level of suffering to a minimal level, world awesome will instantly increase. For example, we can go to Mars, and that would be awesome, but that won't change that people in Somalia don't have clean water. 

How will not going to Mars change the fact that people in Somalia don't have water? The money we would spend going to Mars wouldn't and maybe even shouldn't be spent on Somalians. They come from different heaps of cash, not going to Mars because the Somalians don't have clear water is on the surface a moral choice but you're asking the world to work in ways that it doesn't and at the moment can't. So in that case why is going to Mars something we shouldn't focus on?

Increasing awesome is more important because if you wait for conditions to be perfect before you be awesome. You just won't ever be awesome.

I'm of the opinion of decreasing world suck.  I think that the lesser the suck, the faster the awesome.  Also, some world suck could stop the development of world awesome.  

The Taliban is against educating women. So if you try to do an increase world awesome thing like developing schools for women in a taliban city, the world suck of the taliban may prevent women from attending your awesome school. 


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