Is the Great Perhaps that Francois Rabelais refers to the afterlife? Or is it undefined? Perhaps it's personal, changing from person to person. Maybe the Great Perhaps is the main goal of one or more individuals, or am I wrong? Thoughts, please.

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It's what could happen. Francois Rabelais is referring to death. Living people are always thinking about what might happen after death so there are a lot of "Perhaps .... (insert idea about death here)" but in Looking for Alaska, Pudge's Great Perhaps is what he could do and experience in life. It's not a defined goal, it's the possibility of adventure, of what could be. 

I am not really sure but I always presumed that its referring to life. Although our own 'worlds' or lives revolve around ourselves, in reality we barely count. I think the great perhaps is whatever is going to make us matter, really exist, in the whole scheme of things. Expanding on this, not everyone will achieve/find/something the Great Perhaps... thats why it is a Perhaps. Like Leah said, its like an adventure that will happen for some and not for others.

I dont really know if its right, its just what I think


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