What is the longest and shortest song in your iTunes?

Shortest: "Coraline Fly" by Bruno Coulais and "Other Father Song" by They Might Be Giants, at 0:28. (Both are, interestingly, from Coraline OST.)

Longest: "Dear Jamie Sincerely Me" by hellogoodbye and "I WIll Possess You Heart" by Death Cab for Cutie, at 8:35.

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Longest is Tchaikovsky's 1812 Oveture at 16:08 and shortest is Live-In Skin by the Foo Fighters at 00:13
Longest: A Dark Knight ~ The dark Knight Soundtrack 16:15
You could also count the Lord Nelson Mass as a complete work instead of seperating the movements,
that's 38 min.

Shortest: I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today (Avenue Q) and The Tony Award Song ([title of show]); both are 29 secs.

Great to find another fan. Did you get a chance to see it on Broadway?
Tales of Girls, Boy, and Marsupials. by the wombats - shortest
Savior King. by Hillsong United - longest

longest is : Alloway grove by Paolo Nutini (14:13)

shortest is: the Christening from the musical The Pirate Queen (00:17)
shortest one: Into by Julia Nunes (0:09)

longest one: Make a Run For It by Hit The Lights (12:25)
Shortest: Fingertips (Who's Knocking on the Wall?) - They Might Be Giants - 4 seconds

Shortest Song that isn't from They Might Be Giants' Fingertips Series: Tie Between -
Hawk Sound Effect - Soundtrack for The Illusion, a play I was in in high school
and One Last "Whoo Hoo!" for the Pullman - Sufjan Stevens, both 6 seconds long

Longest Song: All That Fall - Samuel Beckett Radio Plays - 1:12:24

Longest Song that isn't an audio recording of a Beckett Play: Off White Room - The Album Leaf - 29:06

Longest Song that isn't predominantly bird sounds: Finale of Beethoven's 9th Symphony - 24:32

Longest Song that isn't classical music: The Tain - The Decemberists - 18:35

Goodness, that was horribly pretentious of me. Unfortunately, a good deal of my library isn't actually stuff I listen to - a lot of it is recordings of plays for class or ambient/classical music for performances.
Longest: American Pie by Don McLean (8:33 unless it's broken. xD)

Shortest: Yu-Gi-Oh TV Theme (First Gen english) (1:00 even :3)

I'm such a nerd. :3
Shortest: Run This City by Jet Lag Gemini (2:25) and
Longest: Act of Depression by Underoath (10:23)
I heart long songs
miracle cure by the Who 12 seconds
shine on you crazy diamond pink Floyd 13:36
Longest: Human Touch Bruce  Springsteen Songs For Japan 6:29
Shortest: Meteor Shower
Owl City 2:14

0:31 "Caught In The Lie" from the soundtrack of Little White Lie (a webseries by Team Starkid, the geniuses behind A Very Potter Musical)

9:55 "Goin' Back To Hogwarts" from A Very Potter Musical.


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