All of us know people that we consider to be evil- whether it be Fidel Castro or Bin Laden or maybe a bully at school, but the question always comes to mind – were those people born evil? Are they purely bad people? Were they just raised the wrong way? Take Hitler for instance – he killed millions of innocent humans because of their Jewish heritage, an act that most people could never even conceive of doing. So what caused him to do it? Maybe it was his ego, and yet why – how- was his desire for control or egocentricity so immense that he was willing to kill millions of people? Was he born that way or did he grow into it? And how can we prevent people like Hitler from rising up and from becoming “evil”? Is the cyber-based world that we live in aiding the formation of bullies – of “evil” people? Is the media making people into superficial robots? What do you guys think causes people to be mean or do bad things or lack a sense of love for others? Is it a psychological issue, a familial issue, or maybe just a societal issue? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the causes of evil and how we can help prevent more of it from forming.

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I love History and I agree with that entirely, the will of a single person 'Hitler' had been pushed into a state that could only be dealt with in one way, causing WW2, without this Environmental Trigger, he most likely would not have grown to become the 'Evil Dictator' he is recognised as today :)

From the Psychological side of the argument, one could indulge deeply into the 'Nature vs. Nurture' debate. i.e. are we born in this way, or, more likely, is it the environment around us during our lives that makes us who we are. to an extent then we can argue that in many cases, people are born with the capacity of being evil, however i personally believe that it is the every day runnings of our lives. How people treat you as a person for example, that fundamentally makes you the person you are, whether that is an 'evil' person, or a 'good' person :)
but again, this is opinion, and the arguement that 'evil' might be different to different people comes in as well :)

I don't think that EVIL as a thing exist. Some things are evil and some people. Some programs that are meant to be good are evil in its side effects, like wellfare. I believe it is evil.

Maybe George is the source of evil. Or the govt cause it sucks.

Evil is selfishness andthe lack of love at some point of your life...whetever you werent loved at the right time in the right way, or you did not let youself be loved...think about it for a second. Someone who was loved purely , selfelss unconditionally, not only by their family but by evryone (not in the 'im freaking popular way' but in a healthy way) the thought of hurting someone, woud not cross their minds

If we were selfless, we would think of the other before us, knowing deep inside us that someone will care for us

THAT is evil. selfless individualism, living for the superficial part and not for the soul

Even if sounds idealistic and not realistics it is! Chage starts by US, evryday evry minute, loving people osuls , (or trying)

In my opinion I think intentional evil doesn't really exist, hitler probably thought he was doing right, and in my experience school bullies are always just after a laugh, they're just to lazy, stupid, or mean to think of another way to have fun. But where does the meaness, the evil come from you ask. well i think that its never DDset in stone that a person will become evil or is born evl. I think its caused by there surroundings, hitler had a pretty harsh life until he became a polition, then he inflicted the harshness that he'd have upon others, however i do think the 'potency' of evil is decided by inherited traits. Super evil people probably inherited particularly mallicious traits from parents that increased there feelings of hate and anger towards people that was originally caused by something else. Hitler's hatred for jews sparked from another man's words, and when he was out on the street hitler despised the rich jews who would walk past him while he wallowed in his self pitty. Not to say hitler had a reason for what he did, but he could have been different. Imagine what it would be like, homeless on the street the rich walking by without evening glansing your way, perhaps displaying disgust, and then a hatred building up towards those rich, then later in life achieving such power, Hitler wanted revengethat no jew, gipsy, homosexual or disabled person deserved.  

1) Perspective.

2) Without "evil" there can be no "good"

So unless you feel like scrapping the concept of "good" then im afraid "evil" is here to stay.


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