All of us know people that we consider to be evil- whether it be Fidel Castro or Bin Laden or maybe a bully at school, but the question always comes to mind – were those people born evil? Are they purely bad people? Were they just raised the wrong way? Take Hitler for instance – he killed millions of innocent humans because of their Jewish heritage, an act that most people could never even conceive of doing. So what caused him to do it? Maybe it was his ego, and yet why – how- was his desire for control or egocentricity so immense that he was willing to kill millions of people? Was he born that way or did he grow into it? And how can we prevent people like Hitler from rising up and from becoming “evil”? Is the cyber-based world that we live in aiding the formation of bullies – of “evil” people? Is the media making people into superficial robots? What do you guys think causes people to be mean or do bad things or lack a sense of love for others? Is it a psychological issue, a familial issue, or maybe just a societal issue? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the causes of evil and how we can help prevent more of it from forming.

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Eistein makes me wonder if that is the origin of races. But I still am for neutering them suckers.


I doubt it, but there's definately been some selection going on. Few mammals are as visually obsessesive as us. But I think you overestimate the degree to which genes dictates our behavior. Of course they have an effect, but the extremes you get with selective breeding are seldom, if ever present. Most people have the capacity to commit cruel actions too. And last, few people have been culturally castrated to the extent of my own. What was formerly known as this:



have over the years been reduced to this:




Evil comes from letting good intentions get in the way of good reason. Your Hitler example is perfect. Hitler had the absolute best of intentions, and even thought that science backed his actions, and many at that time agreed with him (not JUST nazis either.) You can rationalize ANYTHING. Do it by religion, by science, by whatever. If you let your emotions and good intentions get in the way of your rationality, and seek out a specific answer, rational for already held beliefs, you can convince yourself anything is right, even evil. 

Loxi if Hitler would have lived he would have stood trial and probably have been killed. Anyway pitty the poor kid if he found out he was Hitlers kid. Anyway neutering bad people isn t like killing them or anything. Heck it doesn t even hurt. If a jury of their peers decide it why not. You guys are acting like I am advocating killing them. ( Which I am for the death penalty). Thats another issue. Just taking them out the gene pool is not so right. Would you want serial killers or child molesters having kids. I definately do not. Especially on this crowded earth. We have too much population now.

I wasn't responding to you, and I've no idea what you are talking about. I was answering OP's original question. I wasn't talking about overpopulation, or anyone's kids, or any form of punishments... 

I'm confused now.  

Even if it wasnt linked to genetics I dont want child molesters and violent criminals having yung uns.

dominant human characteristics, or rather flaws.

The source of all evil is want. If we did not want things we wold not harm others to get them. If we did not want things no one would be evil. But we do what things, and therefore we do bad things to get the things we want.

Good people commit evil acts very often. You don't need to be a deranged psycho, a hateful madman or a power-drunk megalomaniac. Good, normal, well-adjusted people can easily slip into evil without even knowing it. Following orders, keeping order, elitism, desperation, political or religious righteousness - things we are all capable of. These things can lead to evil act and the lines we cross to get there are blurry.

Hitler took a fragile Germany and made it strong and efficient. He showed the country how to pull themselves up by their boot straps and, in doing so, convinced them of their superiority, that these abilities were in their nature, as a race, and that it was the weakness and malice of others that brought them so low in the first place. It is easy to convince people of what causes their problems after you fix it. This economic success gave Hitler the influence he needed to sway good people to support and commit terrible things - and the people doing these things believed they were doing what was right for their families and their country.

There was a (rather incidental) experiment that demonstrated how easily large groups of people can be swept up in such fanaticism

The positions of authority and disciplinarian can be a dangerous things for a human to be in and left unchecked.

And humans, under orders, may robotically carry out horrific tasks.

I cannot say there is a "root" of evil.

I can characterize greed, religion, desperation, elitism and power as strong influences in driving people to do evil.

But I feel certain enough to say that evil is something that begins when you see any human being or group of human beings as something less than you are, regardless of what your reasoning to think or feel so may be.

Well I think it is pride.  I have a firm belief that everyone has good in them, but when people think that there way is the only way or that they are better than other people they can become what we see as "evil."  I think the best way we can prevent evil is to have open minds, be humble, and try to listen to other peoples perspectives while at the same time taking firm stands on things that we know to be good and true. 

bad genes and bad rearing. Little from collum A and some from collum B.

I think evil is caused by how we treat each other. For example during World War 1 one of the reasons why Germany surrendered was that our president at the time had come up with something called the fourteen point plan, and part of that plan was that the winning side woulden't make the losing side pay any money. Germany liked that so they surrendered, But the winning side diden't follow through with that plan and made Germany pay a huge amount of money. Which caused germanys econemy to go into an economic depression and made a lot of germans angry, especially a german general that had temporarily bine blinded by a gas attack. This general's name was Adolf Hitler, who as you know went on to start World War 2 and The holocaust, but the reason why he did this and why peaple let him do this was because germany felt so cheated by the results of WW1. so if peaple had just bine easier on germany at the end of WW1 we might have completly avoided the Holocaust and WW2.


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