This question has been in my head for awhile. What makes someone's love for another true? Is true love even a real thing? How do you know it's true love? What is true love?
Look what I did there I used the title in the description! :D
Haha..ha...ha.....does no one else thinks that's funny...oh well. But I really want to know 
Please answer the question. Thank you if you do so. ^_^
You can debate if it's real or not if you want. 

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Well there's so many descriptions and explanations of it. Its like the most complicated simple thing. For one, you both must love eachother exactly the same, no more, no less. You'll be afraid to die, because you won't be able to see them anymore. You'll think of them as your bestfriend, its ok to have an actual bestfriend though of your same gender though. Its so impossible to explain Love or True Love. I wish I truly understood it myself, I'm only 18, I have a lot to learn.
True love is all based on the perspective of the individual/couple. I can almost guarantee that if you find 100 couples in love, you will find 100 different explanations.

Now I'm not saying this as some sort of co-out. I honestly believe that people need to discover what it truly means to be half of a whole, and that love is something that needs to be worked on every single day. It's not easy being in love, no healthy committed pair will ever attest that true love is 100% effortless. Always be prepared for conflict, as there is no such thing as a flawless person (what's important is the perfect person for you).

I hope this helps.
I like how you worded that, Kevin Wang. How there is no perfect person, just the perfect person for you.

In my opinion, (though this is mostly speculation and not experience,) true love is being able to be open and supportive through good and bad. It's about not being selfish but caring about the other person. And I also like the idea of your love being your best friend. So you're not in just a mushy, romantic love- but you genuinely enjoy each other's company and can have fun together.


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