Yes, this topic is very broad but it has been the question that MANY people have tried to slove, but could not. Let's see who tried and came close... Socrates, Aristotle , and Plato. Plato had is allegory of the cave, but I am putting this debate up here so we could possibly brainstorm what truth might be and how to possibly find it! May the truth be with you :P ~

-Brooke "Alexios I" Curto  

^yes Alexios I was the king of Byzantium during the crusades XD 

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Universal truth does not exist. Truth is only as true as we decide it is. As a group we all pick what is true, that is why in the middle east Islam is the only truth and in western society Christianity is the truth. Nothing is true 100% of the time. 

Even though math can also be changed? If right now everyone decided that 3+2=32 that would become the truth. If everyone decides that something is true it becomes true, that is my most history started as a lie at one point but so many people were fooled it became truth.

No, you're misunderstanding. That would be changing what they symbols mean, it wouldn't change the truth of 2+2=4. That's logic.

Just because we all say something is true doesn't mean that it is true. It just means that we all are lying. like if we all decided to say that you don't exist would that be a truth even though you do exist? No it just means that we are all lying.

Just because we all say something is true doesn't mean that it is true.

That wasn't my argument. If you think it was, you are misunderstanding me. 2+2=4 is ALWAYS true, because of logic. Even if you change what the symbols mean, it makes no difference to the truth described.

I didn't mean to reply to you sorry I was trying to reply to Joseph

As much as I'd like to agree with you,  the reason why it's always true is because the system of logic is self contained (not just because of the meaning of the symbols). 

To make 2+2 = 22 (just as example) would involve a different system of logic, possibly a system where 3+2=32, and 3+3=33 (changing what the symbols mean, as you said, in this case the symbol +).....not the same system as the other, but still self contained.

The system of logic that states  if  Premise A is supported by Evidence A and Replicated by Independant Observation B then Premise A has a probability greater than zero of not being false,  is known as science.  It's universally true in our system of observation when Observations C, D, E......find the same thing.  But it's not universal's just a well supported argument, stronger than arguments without evidence. And it's not the same thing as an ad populum fallacy, which assumes that something is true only because everyone else believes it, not because there's evidence to support the argument.

So if you could show me that  3+3 really does equal 33 (in the "real" world) then perhaps our mutual observations would contain an article of universal truths, within a mutually shared system of logic ;)....articles in this case being very small units of which the whole is looking out the window and only seeing three trees when there is actually a large forest...

Euclid's concept of dimensionality has been shown to be really, really, really useful.  But that doesn't mean it's universally true.   Kinds of falls on it's head when talking about points that don't have dimensions (and vice versa), and yet, some funky maths based on euclidean dimensionality still helps ;)

yeah i saw that. 

check out one of my discussions, it's a quiz.  you'll need to do some philosophy just to choose the options.  be right up your alley.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

Pride and Prejudice is not an universal truth.

Well that's because that was meant to be a joke, if you wanted to know my answer read the next reply ;) actually...maybe you shouldn't, my answer was not very interesting and was kind of random, sorry if this has offended you.


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