I am very aware that to many of us Nerdfighters, typos are bad things. We try to avoid them, and are really quite annoyed by them.
However (and I don't know if it's just me), from time to time you come across a typo that just somehow appeals to you. This thread is dedicated to those strangely likable typos.
Feel free to contribute. (I was so close to writing bontribute. Which is a good start to this thread)

You are also very welcome to write where you first encountered the typo, and perhaps why it appeals to you. :)

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Hyperbole and a half! <3

Glad to know that I'm not the only person who automatically visualizes the alot.

I convulsively make typos when I am forced to type fast. One time "hold" ended up as "hog" and "no" ended up as "moo". :/

Most of the time I write boi  instead of boy. Nobody seems to care much though. =)

My friend was taking a French test and we had to translate the word "pauvre" (poor) and she accidentally wrote "poop". It seems extraordinarily stupid now, but it was hilarious when it happened.

That awkward moment when you forget the 'r' in 'shirt' on a standardized test.

...And you happen to be eight at the time...

(Also, not entirely a typo, but a friend once tried to start a chain message that ended with '88% of you wont forward this, but 22% of you care'.)

On a shirt my mom got from the company she works with, they spelled logistics as 'logisitics'. They recalled all the shirts, printed new ones, and they still spelled logisitics. So now, probably over 200 workers have logisitics printed on their shirts.

Also,in a Bible my mom owns, they misspelled scroll in a few verses. So instead of saying "Lo, I see a flying scroll coming over the hill." etc., it read "Lo, I see a flying roll coming over the hill." and so on. She could not stop laughing while reading it.

I wrote "frustated with my arm still encased in a cat" in my NaNoWriMo

once i wanted to write "deeply depressing" (in an ironic way, of course), but wrote "deepressing" instead. i think it makes for a good shortcut

I write apartment as appartment and I like it , it looks better in my head.

In the Twilight series, in two different books, it says "you don't have go anywhere" and "I don't have plans go back." 

My friends and I quote these when we feel the need to. I feel like it's probably less funny than we think that it is, but it's still kind of awesome.

Oh, for my Spanish homework once, I was looking up "whimsical" in the dictionary.  Apparently, our dictionary (which is rly old) made a typo, because on Google translate, the word for whimsical is f*ck!  Actually, this happened pretty recently ;)


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