I am very aware that to many of us Nerdfighters, typos are bad things. We try to avoid them, and are really quite annoyed by them.
However (and I don't know if it's just me), from time to time you come across a typo that just somehow appeals to you. This thread is dedicated to those strangely likable typos.
Feel free to contribute. (I was so close to writing bontribute. Which is a good start to this thread)

You are also very welcome to write where you first encountered the typo, and perhaps why it appeals to you. :)

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Hmm... it's not really a typo since it was oral, but on a Hank and Katherine play SMBW video they screamed "say stafe!" at each other for a good amount of time before they realized that they had misspoken "stay safe." Now whenever I play SMBW w/ my brother that's one of the things I scream at him when I die "say stafe!"

My dad meant to send his wife this message: I'll be back from the party soon, I just have one more thing to do.

Instead of "thing", though, he put "thong". Whoops.

This isn't really a typo, since it was spoken, but I say it counts. My friend was trying to correct our teacher's grammar and said "grammarically incorrect" instead of grammatically. So when when of us messes up on grammar, the other one goes "That was grammarically incorrect" and whoever messed up says "and so was that." Not that funny, but we think it's hilarious.

In the book Number the Stars, the one typo that really annoyed me was where it said photogrpha instead of Photograph. it was so easy to spot that I would not stop telling everybody!!

My favorite typos are "couch" and "distgrustled." Couch because every. single. time. I try to type "cough" it comes out "couch." Distgrustled because the main character in my NaNo novel last year kept being distgrustled when he was supposed to be disgruntled, and I liked the implications of what that could mean so much that I try to use it whenever I can. Which is never. 

My favorite typo is probably from a friend of mine:) He once tried to type 'jajaja' (yesyesyes in dutch) in chats, but he mistyped both letters, and 'hshshs" appeared. Now he constantly uses it. Even in real-life. And not a person, except for me, knows what it means. So everytime he says 'hshshs', we burst out into laughter, and everyone is like 'wtf?' :D

These typos have kind of ruined my life: 
Anus instead of Angus
Prostitute instead of Prosecute
It gets awkward when you mix them up... 

Seconded! I always look forward to someone typing "alot" on messageboards just so I or some other HaaH fan can post an Alot picture as a response. :D

Honestly, I'm probably the worst out of all my friends at typos. I type so fast and I hit enter before proofreading it. 

One of my favorites though, is when we accidentally typed 'gigglr' instead of 'giggle'. We then went on to talk about how we were going to create a website called and it would just be a nonstop loop of people laughing.

Cul-de-sacs. I hate this typo. Its culs-de-sac, like mothers-in-law and not moter-in-laws. I saw this typo in many books.

When people type 'defiantly' instead of 'definitely'. I don't even know how they manage it but it makes me giggle :P

I often end up typing 'hormail' instead of 'hotmail' and 'shoes' instead of 'shows'


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