I am very aware that to many of us Nerdfighters, typos are bad things. We try to avoid them, and are really quite annoyed by them.
However (and I don't know if it's just me), from time to time you come across a typo that just somehow appeals to you. This thread is dedicated to those strangely likable typos.
Feel free to contribute. (I was so close to writing bontribute. Which is a good start to this thread)

You are also very welcome to write where you first encountered the typo, and perhaps why it appeals to you. :)

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In 11th grade, my history book said something like, "The Twin Towers were attacked on September 11, 2002." Teach me all about the 9/11 attacks, please, but don't tell me it happened in 2002. Really? That's the craziest typo I've ever seen. 

In a research paper, they meant to say "reaper" but what they actually wrote was "A mechanical raper can do the work of a hundred men". So terrible, yet so awesome. xD

This isn't really a typo, more of an autocorrect fail lol (or shall I say olo?). My phone changes my one friend's named to Hailed Rapist. o.o And once, while writing (not typing) I actually forget the 's' in 'horse'. My paper started 'The first time I ever rode a hore was really scary. I was only a toddler and the hore was really big, and way too fast. Then I switched hores and got on one that was slower and more gentle.' I seriously just kept forgetting the s, my friend and I laughed so hard and all day were talking about horses but using whore/hore. xD

One of my friend's sometimes uses the wrong words in sentences, so one time instead of saying "I love the smell of insence" she said: "I love the smell of insest." Needless to say it was pretty awkward. Also, she's mixed up tequila and toquito, as well as snacks and sex. xD 

On, the Nerfighteria postcards are titled 'Nerdfighteria Postcards [Pach of 4]' lol that just strikes me as ironically hilarious.  

Writing "pubic" instead of "public".
Awesome if you're a coder, writing  pubic class MyClass() 

The other night I somehow typo-ed "I will murder you" into "I will mordor you".

Sweatheart. It does it every time.

I don't know if this counts, but I use swype to text and when I started graduate school my dad texted me to ask if I needed any school supplies because he was out shopping at the time. i texted back "I don't have any penis". I meant pens. He asked me if I needed him to take me to the hospital.

One time I managed to type "snar" instead of "sense". I'm not quite sure how it happened, but snar has become a regular word in my vocabulary.

Llolz. My friend used this in a skype convo, and we adopted it as an inside joke. We say llama llolz.

taht and teh lol


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