Personally, I am pro choice and although I try not to talk about it in respect of other's opinions, it seems like so many pro life supporters are trying to push there thoughts down mine.

So, what is your stance on Abortion? ...just curious. :D

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ok, short version is it is somewhat ridiculous to think of a fetus as anything other than a child, and since we believe every person has a right to life, it is highly inhuman/morally defunct to have abortions on the basis of human rights

Is an acorn a tree?

Is an egg a chicken?

Are the cocoons of silkworms a precious fabric? 

So no a fetus is not necessarily a child, it's the building blocks for a child.  

Plus not everyone thinks all humans have the right to life, because you know the death penalty is a thing.

Sanctity of life is for the living, not potential life. 

yes, if fertilized yes, they are a byproduct of the creature, not an intrinsic part. i would agree with you on your last statement, but the fact remains that is is living independent tissue, so lwhether it has life is not a question. the question is whether we consider that life to be human. and as i believe i stated in my longer response, the death penalty does not broach the right to life: they were given a free chance to life, but by their actions have invalidated theirs, through the taking of another's in most cases. a fetus has no crime, thus it does not fall under an exception to the natural rights on mankind.
The UN has asserted that this right is universal and is a crime to broach without due course of law

Pro-choice with respect to the circumstances.  If it's actually a health concern to the mother, or if there is no way the baby could survive.  I would say I'm more pro-voluntary affordable sterilization for most other circumstances.  Like me, I don't want kids for numerous reasons.  I can barely afford to support myself, and I'd be a really horrible parent, not to mention the cocktail of hereditary crap I don't want to inflict upon another person.

I don't think that it should be used as a reset button for girls who just weren't ready.  I knew a girl who was trying to have a baby with her boyfriend while they were both living in his car (they ended up having two children together).  Then after they split up and she actually had a roof over her head, she got pregnant by a black guy and got an abortion just because she didn't want to have his baby.  How horrible is that?!  That's a situation where I think abortion is NOT okay.  If she can't handle raising that baby, there are still plenty of people who wish they could have children of their own that would be happy to give it the love it deserves.

How do you police those who do it for bad/good reasons?

I don't.  The question was position, not policy.  The unfortunate truth of the situation is that if you're going to allow it for any reason, you'll inevitably get those who cheat the system.  Or, you don't allow it at all, and people suffer and die anyway.

I've gone back and forth several times on how I view it morally, but I've always felt it should be legal. When abortions becomes illegal, people continue to perform them anyway. The difference is that illegal abortions are often very unsafe for the mother. 

Also, it really bothers me when people in the United States try to argue that abortion should be illegal because of passages from the Bible. There's supposed to be a separation of church and state here.

Also, it really bothers me when people in the United States try to argue that abortion should be illegal because of passages from the Bible. There's supposed to be a separation of church and state here.

The separation of Church and State was designed so that it would never be illegal to be of a particular religious belief. There is nothing inherently unconstitutional about pursuing abortion legislation because of a religious inspiration to do so.

I do not really have anything against abortion, I think it is a persons choice whether they wish to support it or not. But I think that the baby, and yes a fertilized embryo is a baby in my eyes, should get the chance that we all got. They deserve to get to be born and to grow and to make decisions that will shape them into the great and awesome person they have the potential to be, or they could be a crazy ax murderer but that is for them to decide. Steve Job's mother was going to abort him, then she didn't. Steve Jobs got the chance I am talking about! Look at what he has done with his chance! He invented the ipod! I wonder sometimes what awesome things we would have in this world if every baby got the chance like Steve Jobs did.

The world is what it is I suppose. Without Steve Jobs another brilliant entrepreneur might had stumbled upon the opportunity, or not. Either way we would be blissfully ignorant and so would Steve Jobs.

Having background in developmental biology and having worked with many animal model systems Ive had a lot of time to think about such things. I guess my overall conclusion, which has not changed since as long as I can remember, is that if it is acceptable to abort non human animals and use their embryos in experimentation, then there is no difference in human life abortion. For some people it is a blessing, even if it is hard as hell at the time. I hear it can well screw with your head. 

We were given definitions of suffering in one of my classes, and I am liable to agree - suffering cannot exist if one is not sentient. Many people class that as coming to be when an animal is born. 

So I guess in short, my view is go ahead and abort those cells if it will make you happy. 

Basing one law on another in that is fashion isn't really the point here. We're asking about what is right, not what is legal.

Also, it isn't so much whether the foetus suffers that is at issue. It is very possible to kill a human in a way that does not involve any pain.


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