As the title says, what languages do you want to learn?

What are your reasons?

Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?

Any good resources to share?

Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?

I'm hoping that I can find a few people who are learning the languages I want to learn so I have people to practice. It's impossible to find some types of speakers near me.

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As the title says, what languages do you want to learn? All of them...? Yeah, I wish. The main ones for me are Latin, French, Italian, German and Latvian.

What are your reasons?

Latin: It makes all the other Latin based languages ten times easier to learn

French: It's an awesome language and sounds incredibly graceful

Italian: Italian is just so dramatic and expressing.

German: It's pretty useful and I have family from Germany

Latvian: I'm 50% Latvian and I would really love to understand what my Omi mutters all the time.

Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?

I'm hopefully going to a school that teaches Latin and French. For the rest of them I'm going to have to teach myself. My current school offers a Spanish immersion program continuation. I've been learning Spanish since elementary school and it was natural that I went on to the continuation program in my next school.

Any good resources to share?

When I teach myself I'm planning to use the Transparent language program. Other than that, no.

Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?
I don't have anyone. I'm not currently looking for anyone to practice the language with because life is really hectic right now and I'm getting used to a new schedule and a ton of other things.

As the title says, what languages do you want to learn?

Well, I'm already pretty good with German. I want to learn Russian, Old English, Czech, Polish, Romanian, Irish Gaelic, Welsh....and of course, Sindarin, Quenya and Vulcan.

What are your reasons?

Well, Old English because I've loved Tolkien's work since I was about 6/7ish. Plus, I think it's fascinating.

Russian, Czech, Polish, Romanian - those are all useful for my history degree, plus I'm Russian, Polish and Czech.

Irish Gaelic and Welsh - I'm Irish and Welsh, plus they sound wonderful.

Sindarin, Quenya, Vulcan - because I think they're interesting, and I'm a complete geek.

Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?

Haha. My university doesn't have any of these. So I'll be self-taught. I may be taking Russian at a community college after I get my bachelors and do that on the side while I'm working. But pretty much self-taught.

Any good resources to share?
None yet, sadly. I'm a bit strapped for time at the moment. I do have good recommendations on German grammar books that are actually wonderful and work. :)

Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?
Well, I certainly wouldn't mind practicing my German. The others I don't know nearly enough to work with anyone else yet. So if you speak German, yeah, that would be awesome.

I'm learning Spanish in school, but I don't enjoy it very much.

There are 2 languages I do want to learn, however are german, for convenience, and Dov, for awesomeness.

If you don't know, Dov is the language of dragons in the elder scroll series. It's a very well-developed language, hopefully one day it will reach official language status, like Klingon has.

Ive got a ton of books on German, and one or two websites with the dragon language, and both have grammar very similar, if not identical to English, so there's no trouble there.

I'd not got anyone to practice with, yet. My sister is learning several languages at university, but not german or Dov. She's a great help with Spanish, but! :)

I want to learn French, American Sign Language, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese

I took 2 years of Spanish in school and then I quit so I could start taking American Sign Language which I'm taking now (It'll be my 3rd year this coming school year). Spanish is used so widely and it would be so useful to know. I have always loved Sign Language and I was considering majoring in Deaf Education when I go to college, but I'm leaning more towards Linguistics now. Still, I love the Deaf Culture and I think Sign Language is an amazing and beautiful language. French is such a beautiful and graceful language and I would love to travel in Europe eventually so it would be really useful. I have a lot of family in Brazil and I understand Portuguese almost fluently but I want to get better at speaking it. Japanese would just be a really interesting language to learn, and Chinese would be super useful. Plus, it would be awesome to learn a language completely different than anything I'm used to. 

If anyone has a good website or way of learning a language on your own, can you share? I've tried some ways but I never can keep it up...

I have a bucket list of languages I wish to learn in this lifetime and it just so happens that I'm only fourteen. I want to learn Arabic (I'm currently learning it now albeit incredibly slowly), Spanish, Italian (these two should be the easiest, seeing as I already know intermediate French), Turkish, Mandarin and Russian.

And as to why I wish to learn foreign languages, the basis of which is that I'm just habitually inquisitive. I like to learn new things. And having some knowledge of a foreign language could be enriching when you travel; there's a difference in going to a country and taking an English tour and going to a country and immersing yourself into their culture. And as of recently, I've taken an interest in Political Science and International Studies. Lastly, this reason might not have a lot of weight in the future, seeing as I am constantly changing my mind, but I'd like to work for some international organization like the United Nations or a charity or the government in fifteen years so proficiency in foreign languages could prove helpful.

Like I mentioned before, I'm learning Arabic and I've ordered some books off of Amazon in terms of tools. I'm kind of learning Spanish, but there an abundance of sources on the Internet, so I've yet to buy any instructional books/cds. I've been studying French in school for almost eight years, and you'd think I'd be better than I actually am. But I've decided that I really will make an effort to become fluent in French, so if anyone wants a pen pal.....

 what languages do you want to learn? 

French, Russian, Serbian, Bosnian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish.

What are your reasons?

French- Heritage reasons really, also so I can make my way around France and Africa. I'm from New Orleans so speaking french is kind of a tradition. 

Italian- To wander around Italy and also to help me explore the mediterannean 

Russian- Because it's pretty and I really would like to explore Russia and parts of the former soviet Union

Serbian, Bosnian, - These are the strangest but I really would like to explore the Balkans. I really want to visit Sarajevo and Serbia and just wander around those places. I've heard on a different sight that Serbian and Bosnian sound similar but have different alphabet with Bosnian using the Latin Alphabet and Serbian using the Cyrillic. 

Spanish- To explore Latin America also since Spanish speakers are becoming a sizable minority in the united states, especially if Puerto Rico becomes a state

Dutch- To explore Holland and parts of Germany 

I really freaking like exploring. 

Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?

Both! My school offers classes in Spanish, Italian, French, and Russian. I took French in Highshcool and got pretty good at it, until I started to not take classes and I think my skills have rusted over some. I'm taking a class next semester and I'm a little nervous. I'm going to try and take a class in Russian so that I can get the Cyrillic alphabet down and to learn some fundamentals. I really just want to get immersed in Spanish and learn it that way, but it is rather low on my list along with Dutch. But I feel like it would be really easy for me to finish up Italian if I had both French and Spanish under my belt so there you go. 

I really have no idea how to get started with Bosnian or Serbian but I would really like to learn it.

Any good resources to share?

Yes Actually! is a website based out of Spain that is sort of like a language learning social networking site that offers lessons and interactions with native speakers of your language of choice as well as getting a chance to help people learn whatever you are fluent in. Other than that I would love suggestions on things I can use. 

Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?

yes, yes, and yes! I used to have quite a few penpals but they kind of went on their separate ways.

My name is Raffy. I'm from Australia and I speak English and Armenian. I study German and Russian at uni and I really enjoy it. This year I'm going to start Polish and Spanish as well, those will be my fifth and sixth languages. hihi

I think I have always enjoyed languages, I studied Mandarin and French at school and I'd top my grade in them. :) So to continue studying languages I would like to complete a Masters Degree in Translation. :)

Sadly in Australia there isn't much focus on the importance of knowing more than one language, and to me this is a little dull.

I know American Sign Language but I am planning on taking a year abroad to learn British Sign Language

What languages do you want to learn?

German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Egyptian Arabuc

What are your reasons?

German - I have some family in Austria, it would be great to speak to them in their native language

Dutch - A friend of mine is Dutch, and I'd like to speak to her in her language, learn more about her culture, etc. Basically the same reason as German.

Finnish - One word: Teräsbetoni

Egyptian Arabic - Same reason as Dutch. A friend of mine is from Egypt, etc.

Updated list: German, Dutch, Finnish, Russian, British Sign Language.

I only have resources for German, Dutch, and Russian. I must recommend Routledge Colloquial [language], they're really good. The German one I have is amazing. Teach Yourself Instant Russian isn't half bad, either.

What languages do you want to learn?

French, German, Spanish and Italian. After that, I'm not sure.

What are your reasons?

I like reading, and understanding everything is boring.

Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?

I've given up on classes. I can learn so much more on my own.

Any good resources to share?

Your local library! Or any university libraries in your area.

Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?

I might be interested... I haven't tried practicing with others. I'm pretty good with written French; I'd be open to penpalling. I'm a beginner in German, and I haven't even started reading, so I'm not sure how well that would work.


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