i am always taking sorting quizzes on facebook and i am always put into Ravenclaw, but i guess it makes sense. i love to learn and knowledge is very important to me, even if i don't remember what i learned in Chemistry five years from now. friends are very important to me too, but not to the point where i drop everything for them [so not Hufflepuff] and i'm not brave or cunning at all, so not Gr. or Sly. either. so why are you in this house?

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"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind"

That is pretty much exactly how I am (in my eyes, I don't know about everyone else) I have always loved to learn, and I have been described as witty
Ravenclaws can also be very artistic as well. =D Just think of Luna!
I love Luna! And yes, Ravenclaws can also be very creative.
Hmm... I guess I'm kind of clever, so maybe I'm a true Ravenclaw, but there are loads of people I know who are ten times more intelligent than me! But I guess that maybe Ravenclaw isn't really about the intelligence, more about a passion for learning and extending your knowledge. In my eyes, I guess I'm kind of witty too. But I think that if I had to be in a house other than Ravenclaw, it would be Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.

I feel this way too. And obviously everyone can't be the smartest once they're in Ravenclaw. :-) 

I am not brave, I have constant good grades, and I believe I am wise enough to be.
I think I would be in ravenclaw because I love to learn. I love new things, and exploring new ideas. I enjoy reading and writing, and most of all, I am an artistc and creative person. I'm pretty sure that makes me ravenclaw...

(that kinda sounds stuck up and self-obsessed... but I'm not, - I promis... thought I'd clear that up.)
I love to learn and I'm artistic. I fit in Ravenclaw better than I fit anywhere else.
I'd have to agree with most of you. I'm a Ravenclaw because I love to learn and I think knowledge is power, but most of all I'm artistic, open minded, and creative.
I think I'm in Ravenclaw because I'm very artistic and I like to learn new things and I do pretty well in school.
I also don't think I would fit very well in the other houses, MAYBE gryffindor because I always like to come up with plans that I think are slick but they never really work so, yeah RAVENCLAW!!
I'll be honest. I'm a bit of an intellectual snob, and I think (at least when I read the books) that a lot of Ravenclaws come off that way. Plus, I just like learning stuff and spend more time contemplating concepts than living them.


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