Take pictures of the things you have stuck to your walls. Here's what I have

A Bowie poster that I had to go to 3 different HMVs to find , but it was worth it. 

A Beatles For Sale poster,

And a shrine like thing to Harry Potter,

So nerdfighters, what do you have on your walls?

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A large Tournee du Chat Noir print (Theophile Alexandre Steinlen)

A framed Egyptian Papyus painting:

A neon t-rex skull I painted:

Old school star wars poster:

Saawariya poster:

The only really interesting thing I have on my walls is a poster of "Instructions" by Neil Gaiman.
I have posters of Could, Tiffa, and Vincent from FF7.
Your Bowie poster, I'm stealing. O:

kurt cobain Pictures, Images and Photos
AC/DC Pictures, Images and Photos

I have two other posters, but they're at my other house and I can't find pictures of them online. :/

I've got a Fullmetal Alchemist wallscroll, a poster for the musical Kiss Me, Kate, and some assorted posters from old gaming and music magazines. 

Oh, and my friend owes me a Scott Pilgrim vs. the World poster.

I love my walls. It's mostly Harry Potter... I've ordered a Doctor Who van-gough poster though! so pumped. 


My world map, a Jason Mraz poster, a NaNoWriMo poster, a Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear poster, and a rainbow banner of flags from the HRC. And in the space between my desk and the map, I have an artistic representation of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert from Time magazine, and an Edward Gorey piece.

My room is a little ridiculous, heh.

4 Harry Potter posters on my door.  that's it...
John Lennon poster, Ramones in front of CBGB poster, Beatles Abby Road poster, and a bunch of old records.


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