Well, it's a fairly random question but I'm interested to hear it. :P

1) If you've read The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks try to keep it 'factual' ;)

2) If you don't believe there's the possibility for a Zombie Apocalypse why not? :O


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Hide in the mountains until they theoretically starve to death... Or starve to the point where they really aren't a threat and easy to kill.

Things to have...
1. Axe

2. Long sleeve shirt, jeans, gloves, really good shoes

3. Water, or something to sift/clean water in

4. Bow... you can make arrows

5. Gun

You travel light just in case the Zombies start invading your hole.

Sounds awesome D:

I am now stealing your plan

Hehe... It's a good plan right?

Got to agree!

So my Dad is a teacher and has the master key to the High School and my SEARCH teacher has the master key to the middle school (both with a ten step radius of each other). She said (SEARCH teacher) that when the Zombie Apocalypse comes she will leave her master key in the drawer next to the refredgitor. We all know where she lives. So Me and my friend Jocelyn have a fort. We have followers (much like Onision). We are ready. And I have a mass loaded safe of guns. So we all good. :)

Heheh, I love Onision

Sounds like a PLAN! XD

well (due to the fact that i am overly prepared for everything) i have a 48 hour survival kit (contains water, bandages, etc) and i have things i can use as weapons near where i am. i (and some of my friends) have decided on a meeting point, well multiple meeting points. 1 of them is the nearby school, another is a nearby farm, and one is my own home. we intend on getting as many supplies to one of these bases where we will barricade ourselves in and only leave for 1 of 3 reasons, reason the first- zombies are all dead, reason the second-running low of food and water and reason the third- the government decides to destroy the area (which is the most unlikely, zombies+army=a lot of dead soldiers politicians+zombies=a lot of politicians hiding) i am also writing a zombie survival guide (which doesn't really have anything to do with my plan, just thought you may find it an interesting fact)

That sounds really good :O I've yet to stock up on supplies due to money going to currently needed things (studying etc.) instead of my zombie apocalypse plan, but I'm working on it.

It's good that you have different plans (like the multiple meeting plans)

Would you mind telling me when your survival guide's done? ;)

certainly, in fact it is nearly complete, i just need to finish it and then figure out a title for it

I'm in a zombie defense association. Our plan is to all get to the coast, collecting supplies on the way, steal a boat, and then sail to an abandoned oil rig. Right now I'm feeling far too lazy to type out all the details, but everyone in the group have a certain role. I'm a medic, farmer and I was also elected the leader of the group. I've learned how to make floating gardens (and a way to do them on sea water) how to purify water and to transport soil to grow food. We also have a set of rules and procedures for everything. We're very well orginized. Unfortunately my group has been shut down temporarily, but we will go through with our plan if there happens to be an apocolypse.  :)

You sound really well prepared :o

It's more of just a hobby, but always useful if there were to be an actual distaster :)


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