I recently- a minute go- became a Nerdfighter, and have no idea what to do.  Suggestions please?

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Put something on your head

Hey, I'm a new Nerdfighter, well i've been a Nerdfighter for a while, but i just recently joined the website. I was wondering how the website effects Nerdfighting?

what she said.  and welcome Amy!

I became an official nerd fighter 5 minutes ago. Welcome to the world.

welcome to you Cassandra!  how are you liking the ning so far?

I am new here to and I'm kind of... nervous, I don't know why! I hope I could meet new friends here! =)

no need to be nervous...though i suppose i can understand the reaction, lots of activity from awesome people you've never met...  but being made of awesome means they're much more likely to be understanding than welcoming. 



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