I recently- a minute go- became a Nerdfighter, and have no idea what to do.  Suggestions please?

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just spread awesome and make the world suck less.

Judging from some of these comments the first thing a brand new nerdfighter is supposed to do is pucker up  because you're going to have to join a never ending circle of relentless ass kissing. Oddly enough, getting shit on your nose due to all of this brown nosing will only, if anything, raise your ego by 300% and then you'll finally be arrogant enough to be a part of this community.


Remember, if someone does something in this community that you don't like, you can tell them that they're not being awesome and then you can question the validity of their claim to being a Nerdfighter. It is true, John did say that anybody who wants to be a Nerdfighter can be one but he didn't mean assholes or people you don't like, thats not what this place is all about. In a world where humans are exclusive about who gets to be a human (we call people who don't deserve that title things like inhumane, or monster) did you really think that there would be a single club on this planet that was 100% inclusive? Of course not! So don't worry about joining a community that has seemingly decided to be completely inclusive and undefined,as we've decided that that was too scary and thus we have totally taken it upon ourselves to define this community in a way that won't force us to be a in a group with anybody we don't like. If anybody could join then Hitler could have been a Nerdfighter even though he's totally a douche bag for doing that thing he did with all of those Nazis. What an asshole, how could he force people to go to camp like that? Did he at least pay their tuition? I seriously doubt it.


If you don't know what a decepticon is, it was originally a joke, John and Hank's version of ZeFrank's Hard-Chargers, but Nerdfighteria likes to ruin these jokes by taking them slightly too seriously. Now Decepticons are people who we don't think fit into the Nerdfighter mold, so now that way we have come up with a word for anybody that we don't want to join our group which allows us to force these people into their own little group of undesirables while simultaneously making our exclusivity that much more obvious. Awesome! Oh and you're not allowed to go five minutes without calling someone or something awesome, it's part of that ass kissing rule. Don't worry, if you can't find something worthy of calling awesome every five minutes, you just talk about how awesome you are. Self gratification and praise in this community is definitely encouraged. 


I know that the OP joined a little under a month ago but I'm happy to see that they already knew that Nerdfighters are supposed to do things. The biggest and most important thing we're supposed to do after call each other awesome is bitch about anything that we don't like. It's important to let everyone know that you hate it when they make a grammatical mistake, or when they mistreat books. I think charities or something are third on that list of things we're supposed to do, I don't know, most people don't do anything related to that unless it's the project for awesome. See! It's the word awesome again. Awesome! 


See, this group is different than other internet communities, most importantly because we're better than they are. Thats something that you're supposed to realize, Nerdfighters are like a cult I mean a group, we have nerdfighter-like, Nerdighter-friends, and we expect our Nerdfighter companions to behave better than others. You could almost say that we expect them to be inhumanly perfect. A relationship with a normal boy or girl, bah gross, a relationship with a nerd-boy or a nerd-girl, pretty good, a relationship with a fellow Nerdfighter, now thats something special. They're not even allowed to break up with you because that would decrease world-suck and if you have a romantic relationship with anybody else not only will they turn out to be a Decepticon but you won't even share any similar interests. Only Nerdfighters like Harry Potter and Doctor-Who and if you meet somebody who doesn't like those things then whats the point of even talking to them? 


I think by this point any new Nerdfighters are totally prepared to handle the amazingness of this community. Wait, shit, I'm sorry. You're not allowed to use different words for things you like, you can only call them awesome, I'm not really sure why. I guess we're trying to repeat that word until it becomes trite and meaningless so everything can literally become awesome and world-suck will have throughly been decreased. Oh, I get it now! Thats why us Nerdfighters are always claiming that we're increasing awesome and decreasing suck! We're just saying the word awesome until it can and will be used to refer to everything. I guess that explains why we say that word every five minutes, I always curious about that rule until now. 


Sorry about having an epiphany in the middle of this lesson, but I guess it's a good thing you ended up learning that earlier than I did. Awesome! Do you feel awesome yet? Good, I mean Awesome! Yeah awesome! Fuck yeah thats awesome! 




Oh that took a freaking hour to write, and it's probably riddled with spelling mistakes, and blatant hypocrisy. Especially when it came to that part about being really bitchy, who's bitchier than me? Oh well it was... totally not worth it, it wasn't even remotely worth it. Remember it was all in (semi) good taste. 


Ugh, I only intended that to be like a sentence or two about ass kissing, I'm so retarded. Oh right, in Nerdfighteria you can't say the word retarded because it was originally used to refer to special needs kids (no it wasn't) and whenever you use it you're being impolite to the special needs children (no you're not). I love this community in the most politically correct way possible. 


I actually thought Decepticon was a character from Transformers.  Probably because I don't like Transformers.  Also, decepticon is kind of a funny word.

Now,  are you a douche bag. And that is a good thing. Why? Because even though words like awesome and world-suck attract cliques, it also attracts people who don't want cliques to keep ruling the world, and that can go on a rant about how much cultish clique like behavior - wait for it - increases world suck and how it would be awesome if the world was less cliquey

And.....with those powers might just get some kids thinking about how using catchy words like cool, and 'crashin in my pad with my sugar daddy'  don't change the world....they just bring people together who want to change the world......and the rest is developing the substance to go with the style.

Presumably, if the people on here really are nerds (which has become a broad term, hopefully to the benefit of nerdpride, rather than the usual effect of mainstreaming which is "watered down with piss syndrome") then as nerds, we're probably already onto you and your little bandwagon.

So yeah,  you're a douche bag alright, but an honest one, and guess what, that makes you awesome!

Feel free to tear me a new one :)

very good point overall.

also, you'd mentioned in the intro forum that you haven't seen any of the videos, but John Green actually talks about this: yes, Decepticons are the villains from Transformers and there are some great parallels between them and actual people who however unwittingly fight to promote making the world worse.

If you want to be a nerdfighter than you already are :3

go into the chat 

i just became a Nerdfighter yesterday! :) DFTBA!!!
I'm in the same boat. I guess I've always been a Nerdfighter at heart, but this is awesome! Now I'm totally sure of what I am! Awesome!
fight to decrease the amount of world suck
Don't know just joined too.
Put something on your head.
Be yourself, decrease world suck, DFTBA, add "In your pants" to to end of every book title... I'm new too :)


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