Pretty self explanatory. Do you like the glasses? The clutzyness? The blushing every time they talk to you? The look on their face when they get into a conversation about their favorite comic, video game, book..? What do you like in a Nerd?

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Haha same here. If not, guys are just... boring. Anyone else? (I feel like I am leading a conversation in a stadium).
Agreed. Passion is essential! It makes it so much more pleasant when they can hold a conversation about something they enjoy.
true, most guys at my school are boring, all the guys who are nerdy (lika me-a) are my friends (talking bout my grade level, not above) and they rule!
Yesss, love a guy who's passionate, about his hobbies, beliefs, etc.
Definitely agree. :)
I know! A lot of my friends like these generic guys but I have to have some kind of challenge from a man. I like it when you find that thing that a guy is passionate about and he suddenly lights up and can't stop talking. Where before he might have been the poster-boy for monosyllabic answers, suddenly he's this adorable nerd who has seen the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 5 times and has an extensive collection of vinyl albums.

^This. Yes. Definitely the conviction and challenging. I love it when nerdy guys are NOT pushovers. It makes me happy. :-)

I like the intelligence and when they are embarrassed when talking to you!! I think its really sweet!!
I definitely agree with this! i love the blushing and shy smile :) they definitely need to be passionate about something. preferably music because then we'd have something in common :D
um...uh....*drawing up a blank* ill come back when i think of something
and think the word your looking for is almost everything
I like a guy who isn't afraid to be crazy or silly with me, someone who enjoys simple things (like taking a walk, looking at stars or a sunset..... or spending all day playing Pokemon). I like guys with pale skin and freckles don't hurt either. I would like to be able to just have conversations and not worry about having them think your weird or whatever.

Also, if he likes Lord of the Rings that would be awesome (:


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