So ya, what have you bought? It can be anything from packs of gum to houses. You can comment on other people's purchases ("why would you buy that?""YOU GOT THAT, NO WAY!")

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A metal calender that covers from 2006 to 2106...It set up to where you match the month with the year and the dates are shown down below...I love it because I probably won't need another calender in my life.
Looking for Alaska by John. (:
Five gum XD
Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Boy howdy were they some good eatin'.
I got cat food for my baby Isabelle (Izzy) and a bunch of yarn because a woman I work with is making me an afghan for my college dorm room when I transfer away from community college in the fall. :D
I bought a pimp suit online for a "pimps and ho's" party on ebay. Been chuckling to myself ever since, got express post so should be here very soon. xD
kiss magazine :D i love that mag!


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