Let's face it.  Almost everyone of us watched TV growing up.  We also had that one show we couldn't miss and, if we did, we fell into a deep depression until we watched that show again.

 So, what were your favorites growing up?

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Arthur was totally a Nerdfighter. The kid's last name is Read! Not to mention, he knew, as every good Nerdfighter should, that "Having fun, isn't hard, when you've got a Library card!" Heehee...
I used to watch Doug. I finally figured out The Beets a year ago. It was a facepalm moment. My favorite show of all childhood has to be rugrats. I don't know why. It was kind of twisted for a little kid's show, now that I think about it. That might explain a lot of things.
Haha, those were the two shows I was going to say!

And Wishbone. That was one of my very most favorites! :)

1.) Johnny Bravo

2.) Samurai Jack

3.) Ed, Edd, n' Eddy

4.) Catdog

5.) Invader Zim
JayJay the Jet Plane
hm..probably x-men evolution, x-men when it would be on, hey arnold, the angry beavers, and Eureka's
Hands down Dragonball, also Dragonball Z and Pokemon were favourites.
I really liked Rugrats, The Angry Beavers, Sailor Moon, and Rocko's Modern Life, but I got hooked on The Muppet Show before any of that. Still own most of it on DVD and watch it when I fall asleep. : )
Teenage mutant ninja turtles.
and Doug,
and Carebears
and Stundin Okkar :D
blue's clues :P
reading rainbow (the dude who was in the Star Trek series... :P)
Mr. Roger's Neighbourhood (that guy was awesome!)
Seaseme Street
Sesame Street, the Flinstones, the Moomins and of course good old Pokémon.


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