Let's face it.  Almost everyone of us watched TV growing up.  We also had that one show we couldn't miss and, if we did, we fell into a deep depression until we watched that show again.

 So, what were your favorites growing up?

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Blues Clues.
And basically any good, classic Nickelodeon.
omg. that's weird, I always thought it was the girl and magenta was the chick (yeah, i still know the names)
And basically any good, classic Nickelodeon.

I assure you, you're too young to know what good and classic Nickelodeon was. The shit you grew up with sucked.
Invader Zim was awesome, and before Jenna's time.
Blues Clues was my life. Now they have this freak Joe running around. It's silly. Your cousin wouldn't move into your house to take care of your dog while you're at college interminably.
I hated it when Joe got on the show, I stopped watching it cuz I was still that age
Pete & Pete, Are you afraid of the Dark, Rocko's Modern Life, Freakazoid, Pinky & the Brain...... I could continue.
Flintstones and Jetsons both older than me, but they were pretty cool :)
The Secret Life of Alex Mack
Ocean Girl
Ghost Writer
Xena: Warrior Princess (oh yeah, I was watching this when I was seven)
Animaniacs and their kin

I remember watching Gummy Bears in a haze, and I liked the earlier My Little Ponies (before it was all modern suburbia stuff. I liked the fantasy castle stuff!).
omg, i had totally forgotten about Ocean Girl. I used to watch that all the time!

My other favourites were Degrassi and Heartbreak High
Ocean Girl was totally amazing. I wish there were kid shows like that nowadays. <3

I also kind of remember this show about a bunch of kids that traveled through portals to other worlds and their stepmother was evil. Or something. Drat, I wish I could remember the name!
Care Bears
Sesame Street
Power Rangers
Blues Clues
but mostly...Pokemon!


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