hello there! Okay, we've all had this discussion with our friends at one stage or another - but now I want to know what my fellow nerfighters would bring to a remote desert island. You cannot bring any communication or travel devices. Food and water is on the island so you are really being asked what's the most handy or comforting thing you can thing to bring. It is actually quite difficult to do...

P. S. I would bring my lepreachaun. He is oh so awsome!!!

nah just kidding - he wouldn't go - so I would bring my dog, Daisy.....

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Swiss army knife
2000 yards of Duct tape
1000 yards of parachute cord
box of paper clips
Chuck Norris (Just in case there's already creepy island folk there)
pack of chewing gum
5 feet of bailing wire
6 twinkies, 5 peeps, 3 three liter bottles of mountain dew
one bobbin of thread
one nine volt battery
And McGyver

I would only be on the island at most a day...
bringing McGyver is CHEATING!!!!!!!! great nswer though! ;)
I read it!
... because school made me.
Depends... How long until we're rescued?

Swiss Army Knife
Flashlight (with solar-powered battery)
Lots and lots of matches
Lots of rope
Two sharp machetes
Fishing rod/reel with extra line
A pile of books to read
Not trying to sound like a complete Ahole but all the food is on the island it says it in the description. Dftba
John Locke from "Lost". We'd be made in the shade.
Nooo not Locke. Anyone but Locke. Ok not anyone. Sayid would be the most useful. Locke would sacrifice you to the island.
That's what I'm saying! Locke is so unpredictable! Who could stab you in the back at any moment because 'it was meant to be'! Sayid would be awesome on the island if he trusts you. ONLY if he trust you. If not, you're screwed, man. I would also bring Daniel Faraday, just because I love him :) I was soo mad when Eloise killed him :( I always hated her...
Great answer!
i would bring the mall and be happy =)
Enough nuclear devices to hold the world hostage, along with a lot evil minions, steel, tools, silicon, wiring and other building materials to convert the island into an evil lair. I'd also bring sharks with FREAKIN LASERS attached to thier heads. Just kidding, I'm more of an owl-with-taser-claws kind of guy, so i'd bring those instead (the owls would be loyal to me..) Lastly i'd bring a large dinner table and a mirror. Then i'd sit at the head, a luxurious boiled lobster dinner layed before me, loyal minions on either side, and look at the far end of the table (where the mirror would be positioned) and say "cheers to best friends."
hahahahaha...... can i come?


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