I would eat them ! ( just kidding I would explode)

I would probably sell them and give the money to charity ( I would give the pop tarts to those who are hungry...but pop tarts aren't too healthy, instead the money can buy healthly food).

And for a less helping choice... I would make a huge mountain of them all and name it Pop Tarts of Doom Mountain !

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Send them all to Haiti or hand them out to the homeless while skipping around like an idiot :P
But with an apology about the low nutritional quality right?
That is so sad...if I get that many pop tarts, I will send you some =]
Probably give them away.

Any particular reason you're asking?

no, just case something like this never know [=

I would make a house with poptart walls... like a giant gingerbread house... but not ginger bread

interesting idea there

see, that's what I was thinking. But what do you do if it rains?


...I guess you could laminate the poptarts first?

you would end up eating it before it ever rained...=]

Feed the poor.


And poison them.


I would throw some at poor people, I'd throw some at the president of the US, I'd throw some to the sharks, and then I'd offer some to David Tennant with tea :D And the rest would be nommed in a second o.e
Having them with David Tennant would be amazing!


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