If your a fan of Harry Potter and most of you nerdfighters should be ^-^
Then you'll know that a love potion smells differently to different people. I think it would be interesting and fun to find out what your love potions would smell like and why.
Mine would smell like old books, paint, fresh popcorn and burning pumpkins.
Why? Because books are my first love. Paint because im always covered in the stuff and im so used to the smell. Fresh popcorn because the pictures was the first place i went on a date with my ex boyfriend. And burning pumpkins because autum is my favourite season and i think it smells like pumpkins.
What does yours smell like?

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Mine would smell of chocolate muffins, just washed cotton, sun warmed pavements, the ocean and cigars, just because those smells are simply awesome!
mine would probably be wet dog, fresh cut grass, the ocean, and Xbox controlers. Yes. they have a distinct smell, the original ones were more fragrent but the 360 models still have it inside the battery pack.
so manly.
You're too cool for school, man. I dig this.
Oooohh... Hard question...

I'm going to have to say;
Chamomile (I used to grow it, love the smell to send you to sleep), New Books, Old books (they are very different, but equally exquisite) and the scent of compost.
the books do smell different!!
I dunno what it will smell like but I bet it will taste salty.
(Adult jokes Adult jokes)
Old books, coffee, yeast bread, and lavender. I think they wouldn't smell very good together...I think maybe the first two and the last two mixed would be great together.
That delicious dryer smell, coffee, books, brown sugar, and camp fire.
This is a tough question! Mine would probably smell like new books, pumpkin pie and/or candy corn, Head and Shoulders shampoo...Don't know if there would be anything else but I think that's a weird enough combination to start with! : )
I'm sorry, would you care to explain?
Green tea-a few years ago I bought green tea oil, and I love this smell so much.
Pumpkins-because I love Halloween.
Rain-because rain is always fun to dance around in


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