Welcome to our community of Music and Movie lovers.

Let's start out by listing what is on your Ipod today.

Here's my list.

The Blakes
Bloc Party
Bruce Springsteen
Death Cab for Cutie
Delta Spirit
Elvis Costello

Now add a comment with your list. Hopefully we'll all find some new great music to listen to.

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Right now I'm working on downloading and importing all of Hank and John's videos...a little more than a quarter of the way through. It's tiring!
well, you see i have over 4,000 songs on my iTunes. However, my ipod only holds a thousand songs. So I upload the songs on my iPod according to my mood.
Right now i am very hyper...xD
sooo, that said i have:
Cobra Starship (fanggs up!)
Cute is What We Aim For
All Time Low
Hey Monday
Hello Goodbye

...and no matter what mood i'm in: Coldplay. :]] currently my favorite song by them is Lost:: off of viva la vida. although it does change frequently.
Adele, because I don't know why.
Jason Mraz, because a sibling put him on there.
Taylor Swift, because also I don't know why.
Some opera...
And some composers...and uh...OH!
American Pie.
all time low <333 yay haha
jason mraz is pure awesome.
he's on SNL tonight & i can't watch it.
ooooh how depressing life can be!!
I love Joanna Newsom - her music is so pretty.
I have some really gangster music on my iPod right now but along also some really old and random stuff
haha what sort of gangster music?
Hey I updated my Ipod to just The Clash yesterday. In the mood for some great fast & loud great Punk.
My most played are:
Most things from the Sweeney Todd soundtrack - My Friends and Epiphany being the top two.
A.F.I - Love Like Winter is my fave and today totally reminded me of the video as it was all snowy and pretty.
Evanescence - Cos they're awesomely beautiful.
Danny Elfman - Anything that's composed by him is pure brilliance!
AND Tha Killas (The Killers, lol)
I'm trying to get some work done, so I am listening to my "get some work done" playlist, which consists mostly of bands signed to Arts and Crafts.

Basically, if you go to their website, that's whats on my iPod today.

Except for right now because a song by Patrick Wolf just came on.
the who-pinball wizard
OMG i love that song so much

"thats deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball!"


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