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Mine? A Duct tape wallet sighed by Snow White & Tigger from Walt Disney world. oh I love it!


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Intergalactic Traveler's Guide to Klingon.

I would say I am embarrassed, but it has a place of pride right below my trophy for winning Miss Tot North Texas State Fair in 95 lol :)
young link papercraft
1. a cardboard cut out of the TARDIS
2. sesame street coloring book
3. giant pikachu
4. looking for alaska pillow
5. a backpack that has all the broadway shows from the 2007 season
6. 2 vintage 1976 doctor who comics, 1 spiderman meet xmen 1983 comic, and one captain america 1984 comic
7. 7 doctor who action figures (many of david tennant), 3 mini TARDISes (is that the plural?), 2 doctor who cell phone charms, all the seasons that you can get on DVD, and 6 doctor who posters
8. spongebob action figures
9. 1980's my little ponies
10. 2 full harry potter costumes from the guys that make the costumes for the movie
11. 4 copies of the special edition art work for harry potter 7
12. all the star trek movies in special edition, along with a leather bound copy of all the hitchhikers books and the radio scripts AND the full TV show.
It's TARDISes, because TARDI would mean that it wasn't in "S"pace, and if it wasn't in space then that would just blow my mind.
I want no.11 btw
Why thank you. i am very proud of the nerdy things i own. i have another to add though; i got a pair of Dr. Seuss converse high tops with the cat in the hat on them. They're a juniors 3, for 6 year old boys, and i am a proud sophmore in high school. Yay small feet!

And a temporary unicorn tattoo, it show's my veiws on the Zombies Vs. Unicorns debate.
I own plushies of Goku and Kirlin.
I used to have the D&D manuals, but I got rid of them last year because I never palyed. :(
I knit a Slythy scarf (I had a hufflepuff one but I donated it to a shelter to decrease world suck (yay me :P)), I only take it out when I go to the HP movies though (cali is too hot for scarves.)

love the sci-five shirt, it's lol. I might start doing that to people now.
a book of the periodic table of elements. in cartoon and going in to great detail. the catch phrase is 'elements with style!'
A life-size, cardboard cut-out of David Tennant. He lives in my bedroom, against my wardrobe^^
Of all the ones I've read so far, I think this wins for sheer commitment to your Nerdy culture of choice. Tell me, how does one come across a life sized cardboard cut out of David Tenant? .... ANDOMGWASN'TTHESEASON4FINNALYTHEBESTEVER!


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