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Mine? A Duct tape wallet sighed by Snow White & Tigger from Walt Disney world. oh I love it!


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Geez that's hard.

I've got tons of Harry Potter memorabilia, including my wand, Hogwarts robes, Quidditch through the Ages, The Care and Keeping of Magical Creatures, and my Hedwig plushie.

Then there's my home-made Haruhi Fujioka costume.

My two lightsabers. My wooden medieval times sword.

Not to mention my entire room is NASA-themed, complete with posters, logbooks, rocket ship lamps, a list of the space shuttle missions... I could go on and on.
Wow, you have no shortage of cool stuff. Are the lightsabers the expensive sharper image ones, or the fold out ones? Oh and I have care of magical creatures to (and It's crumpled from over reading)
My husband.
I just redecorated my desk with a Zombie pirate (which I named the Dread Pirate Roberts), an ewok from BK, and two dinosours argue over on of there sudden but inevitable betrayl. Oh, I also have a time turner and glow in the dark solar system stickers.
That was a pirate naming win. What's with the dinos though, all my dinos live in peace (mostly because I keep the predators and the herbivores in different nooks, but what ever works.)
The dino thing is from Firefly. There's a scene where the pilot is fighting with these two toy dino's he has on his consol.
Also thanks for the pirate namming complement
My manga collection, my Sackboy that I gladly spent 12 bucks on, or my collection of Ramune bottles.
Yoda Bobblehead that i often find myself asking for advice.
That's so jokes, I wish I had one!
A hand made magic wand, four my little ponies, Spock action figure, Doctor Who mini collectibles and stickers and ton's of Threadless t shirts. One of my favorite one has " If you're interested in time travel meet me last Thursday" written on it. Oh yeah, and my star trek shirt :)


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