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Mine? A Duct tape wallet sighed by Snow White & Tigger from Walt Disney world. oh I love it!


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My husband.
I just redecorated my desk with a Zombie pirate (which I named the Dread Pirate Roberts), an ewok from BK, and two dinosours argue over on of there sudden but inevitable betrayl. Oh, I also have a time turner and glow in the dark solar system stickers.
That was a pirate naming win. What's with the dinos though, all my dinos live in peace (mostly because I keep the predators and the herbivores in different nooks, but what ever works.)
The dino thing is from Firefly. There's a scene where the pilot is fighting with these two toy dino's he has on his consol.
Also thanks for the pirate namming complement
My manga collection, my Sackboy that I gladly spent 12 bucks on, or my collection of Ramune bottles.
Yoda Bobblehead that i often find myself asking for advice.
That's so jokes, I wish I had one!
A hand made magic wand, four my little ponies, Spock action figure, Doctor Who mini collectibles and stickers and ton's of Threadless t shirts. One of my favorite one has " If you're interested in time travel meet me last Thursday" written on it. Oh yeah, and my star trek shirt :)
Yugioh cards
I have A Pirates of the Carribean poster from each movie on my wall, a baseball cap, a small stuffed Jack sparrow, the key from Dead Man's Chest on my keychain, the medallion necklace, all 3 movies on DVD, with two copies of the first one, a replica Jack Sparrow hat, Jack's ring, a picture with me and a friend of mine dressed as Jack Sparrow.... the list goes on. I'll end there.


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