I could be from tv or from a video game or whatever! My favorite is Super Mario Bros.

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I'm going to say The Simpsons. I've watched that show from early on in my childhood so it is near and dear to my heart.
My favorite theme song is that of the vlogbrothers new intro. I love it so much! Julia Nunes is made out of so much awesome it's kind of insane.
Pepper Ann had the BEST themesong everrrrr

*breaks into song*

"Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, she's too cool for seventh grade! Pepper Ann, she's like one in a millyaaaaaaaaaaaan!"

That show was awesomesauce! (So awesomesauce that I once had a dog named Pepper Ann)
Either "King of Pride Rock" from The Lion King, (if you don't know what I mean then look it up on youtube or something and listen through to the very end. You'll know what part I'm talking about...), or the guitar solo from Top Gun.
doug or rugrats!
I'd have to say right now it's probably Scrubs for me.
I just love that song.

"I'm no supermaaaan..."
Happy Days.
I love Scrubs <3
that themesong always gets stunk in my head, but I like it :D
i'll be there for yooouu :D
The ballad of Gilligans Island, hands down! XD


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