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Denton is my favorite thing about Texas. It's got the Fry Street area with some of the coolest shops and Jazz Fest in April with Brave Combo to close the show.
I also love the little itty bitty tiny town of Sanger, for that is my home... sort of. It's the old hippy settlement a little to the side of it.
Then there's the weather, which I love. It keeps you guessing. I got two quotes about it.
"If you don't like the weather, take a nap. It's bound to be different in half an hour." - General Texans
"Texas weather is like a bipolar teenager on her period." - My brother
Hey! I live close to both of those town! I love Denton too! and when I was in dance, I was in the Arts and Jazz fest! I love it!
Dairy Queen
Lol kidding i'm gunna go to the big bend soon so i bet that'll be it . til then Galveston
my favorite thing is how nice the ppl r i just moved and everyone is so mean here but i haveall my family in texas and all my friends and the guy i like and ill be spending a month with my friends and family :)
ps i also love the state fair and the yummy corn there and trade days (a flee marcket) and the snow cone lady and if u dont live in frisco u wouldnt know wat it is
It is the home of the largest livestock show and rodeo and believe me I have been many of times (every year since I was 6).
the texas renaissance festival, come on who does not like to dress up and shop and eat all the while trying to catch a good show.
My family!!
I got to say, I think my favorite thing about Texas is just the wonderful diversity! From its people, to its land, to the weather. Everything is just a jumbled up beautiful mess of everything. There is something for everyone here and thats what I like about it. :]
The weather! Kidding. But seriously, it's the food. So much variety, from Mexican to the heart-cloggingly amazing Barbecues! Nothing like a nice Dallas Cowboys tailgate party with some ribs, fajitas, sausage, chicken....kay, gonna go eat now.

I live within walking distance of two rivers, witch is pretty awesome. One is crowded with tourists in the summer, but tourists don't know about the other one.

Also I love driving for like three hours just for the fun of it. A couple of weeks ago we drove for about two hours just to get some peaches from fredricksburg.

One thing I don't like, though, is the fact that there is one book store in my town. Also the weather. It's finnally starting to get nice now, though. The two weeks of winter we have are my favorite time of the year.

My favorite thing about Texas is all the great local food. I live on the Gulf Coast in Cajun Country, and I love our food. Fresh seafood, and the best cajun food. Also you can get great stakes, tex-mex and more in Texas. We rock!


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