Someone asked me what my favorite word was today, and I realized I'm not sure I have one! "Intergalactic" is pretty high up on the list, but I don't think it's at number one... So, what's your favorite word?

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My friend likes the word "phantasmagorical." It seems like a nice word to me. More woody than tinny, I think.
I came on this page for the sole reason of giving this word. Wow :D
I use 'Jentacular' all the time!
My favourite word is 'rapscallion' it just sounds really good in my opinion.
uvula. But only because I like explaining to those who don't know that it's the dingle-dangle in your throat.

My for-real favorite word would have to be ambivalent, because that's how I feel about most things.
My least favorite is should. 'You should have' 'You shouldn't' 'Next time you should'; it usually means I've made a mistake.
Heh, "dingle-dangle".
One time in science class my friend asked what a uvula was really really loudly just as the class got quiet.  It was probably the funniest thing that ever happened in that class.
1. Copious
2. Monopoly

1. Because copious is an awesome word and I use it copious amounts of times entirely for the lulz.

2. Because you never get to use the word monopoly, so it becomes a game (yeslulz) to use it, which isnt very often.
I was going to say 'eradicate', but 'oligopoly' is a good one, too.
Fap (Don't ask, or you can, it's not as creepy as it sounds)
Shenannigans (and it must be spelled this way)
Onomatopoeia (actually I just like spelling this one)


There are more, I'll update when I remember them.
My favorite word would have to be "daft," but only when it's said in an English accent. It just doesn't work when you say it all American. It simply does not! I must say it sounds positively (snicker) daft! (He he he!)


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