Someone asked me what my favorite word was today, and I realized I'm not sure I have one! "Intergalactic" is pretty high up on the list, but I don't think it's at number one... So, what's your favorite word?

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It makes me angry when people call them blimps. Dirigibles are graceful and awesome and the word 'blimp' is the stupidest-sounding word I can think of.

juxtapose, lethargic, exquisite and apocryphal, i think are my favorites.

My favorite word is phantasmagoric.

 The first time I heard it was from my sister and I thought she had made it up, then I read it in "The Scarlet Letter" and I got super excited.

Nostalgia and gelatinous
Mine would probably be falafel or perderder(potato). My parents don't like me cussing so I say "What the Falafel?!" they still give me 'the eye' haha.
my favorite word is hippopotomonstrosquippedaliaphobia. its the fear of ling words. but my favorite group of words is "may a moody baby doom a yam"....its a palindrome :D
cheese, my multipurpose word
Underbelly...I always find excuses to use it.



Commandeer. I will never stop loving that word and finding opportune moments to use it when talking to people.
I like "septuagenarian." I don't know why but it's just such a gorgeous word.


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