Someone asked me what my favorite word was today, and I realized I'm not sure I have one! "Intergalactic" is pretty high up on the list, but I don't think it's at number one... So, what's your favorite word?

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I don't have one favorite word, I have many. Some of them are SMITE, KUMQUAT, and ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM.
(the "87" are silent and the "s" does not end)


It makes me angry when people call them blimps. Dirigibles are graceful and awesome and the word 'blimp' is the stupidest-sounding word I can think of.

juxtapose, lethargic, exquisite and apocryphal, i think are my favorites.

My favorite word is phantasmagoric.

 The first time I heard it was from my sister and I thought she had made it up, then I read it in "The Scarlet Letter" and I got super excited.

Nostalgia and gelatinous
Mine would probably be falafel or perderder(potato). My parents don't like me cussing so I say "What the Falafel?!" they still give me 'the eye' haha.
my favorite word is hippopotomonstrosquippedaliaphobia. its the fear of ling words. but my favorite group of words is "may a moody baby doom a yam"....its a palindrome :D
cheese, my multipurpose word
Underbelly...I always find excuses to use it.




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