Someone asked me what my favorite word was today, and I realized I'm not sure I have one! "Intergalactic" is pretty high up on the list, but I don't think it's at number one... So, what's your favorite word?

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I love the word lollipop, especially when you say it really slow! I also like the words smartical and scientifical, mostly because they are not really words but you can still say them and people know what you're talking about.
Contradiction, idiosyncrasy, antithesis, hyperbolic, exploits... the list goes on...
Haberdashery. Such a weird word for such a boring thing.



I've always thought it was just a pretty word. xD It's in most of my usernames on various websites.

I love the word clandestine.


Not just because of Portal 2, either.


Serendipity, alluring, rapscallion, wicked, lunacy, shenanigans, darling, iridescent, and luminous.

I love the sound of these words on my tongue.

More words I wanted to add: whimsical, lovely, reverie, cascading.

Irk, cascading, cur, or lovely .. I love all of those words!
Well even though I don't use it often I love how it sounds and it's "Flabbergasted" such a funny word, but my favorite word
I really love the word 'obnoxious' at the moment. My favourite word changes about every month.


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