Someone asked me what my favorite word was today, and I realized I'm not sure I have one! "Intergalactic" is pretty high up on the list, but I don't think it's at number one... So, what's your favorite word?

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I've always thought it was just a pretty word. xD It's in most of my usernames on various websites.

I love the word clandestine.


Not just because of Portal 2, either.


Serendipity, alluring, rapscallion, wicked, lunacy, shenanigans, darling, iridescent, and luminous.

I love the sound of these words on my tongue.

More words I wanted to add: whimsical, lovely, reverie, cascading.

Irk, cascading, cur, or lovely .. I love all of those words!
Well even though I don't use it often I love how it sounds and it's "Flabbergasted" such a funny word, but my favorite word
I really love the word 'obnoxious' at the moment. My favourite word changes about every month.
Pulchritude I like this word, It means physical beauty witch I'am always a fan of :).
Strangely, the words 'alphabet' and 'ticket' are my favorites.  I like not only the way they feel as you speak them but also their purposes.  Furthermore, a third favorite would be the word 'block' when used to describe an object (i.e. a pyramid block, a block of cheese) but I'm indifferent to the word 'block' when used to describe the action of resistance (i.e. a road block, blocking a pathway).
whimsical ... I use it to describe everything I like.   I love it's meaning and the way it sounds. 


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