Harry Potter is something that is a part of so many childhood memories. It's literally been with me as I've grown up and become an adult (I know I'm only 16 but I can vote and I consider myself an adult).

The earliest memory of harry potter is when my dad gave me the first harry potter book. I remember it very clearly considering the fact that I don't really have many memories from when I was younger. I remember he gave me this book and said "It's meant to be really good but I don't know if it might be a bit too difficult for you".

I also remember seeing the first film at the cinema. I speifically remember the bit at the end where Quirell is crumbling and there's fire everywhere and it's all going down. :P

I think it's really interesting that I have so many memories that are special to me, which surround Harry Potter and I was wondering if anyone else had some as well.

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im really not that much of a fan of harry potter so when i watched the first movie it was not in the cinema.. my mom actually rented the vcd.. and i can still remember that it was summer back then, im 9 years old and it was night time and i was on my cousin's bedroom because they went somewhere.. and yeah, i watched it with my sister! it was brilliant! :D
listening to my sister tell me she was going to hogwarts then telling how to pronouce Wingardium Levi-O-sa :P
My dad brought the first book with us on our trip to Amsterdam and tied to get me to read it. I wouldn't because I was a contrary kid, but eventually I agreed that he could read it to me, if we skipped the first chapter, since it seemed boring. He agreed and soon I was using jet lag as an excuse to stay up late reading it by myself. I did eventually go back and read the first chapter, don't worry.
I didn't read it for quite a while either, I can't remember why though :)
In 2000 on my 9th birthday, my best friend at the time gave me the first two books. She had just read them and knew I would love them. I read both within the next month, and the obsession began.
I am chronicling my live in terms of Harry Potter here:

It's my latest project, so I just recorded my first experience.
Omg. I am so excited to share my first harry potter memory.

I was in 6th grade I think, and it was between the time the 5th and 6th books came out. I had avoided Harry Potter until this point because of its popularity, but I found myself at a friend's birthday party, we watched the Chamber of Secrets, and I was hooked. I remember we were in her basement, and watching it on a little television. I remember the part at the end of the movie with harry running around the tunnels in the chamber of secrets. I don't quite remember, but I think I didn't even see the beginning of the movie at that time. But whatever happened, I am glad that I found harry potter. I remember how obsessed I was after that. I joined harry potter websites and learned about the world of forums and online communication. That's pretty much where my heavy internet usage started. It probably very likely led me here. Now I'm off subject though, and will end with this...

I need Harry Potter like a Grindelow needs water and as that day approaches my need grows. Accio Deathly Hallows!
I remember watching the first movie and being very angry that they cut out the potions part of the sorcerers stone rooms
I remember it quite clearly, considering I was 7 at the time... my dad had read a review or something about it in the paper, and thought it would be a good book for us to read together, so he got the book and we sat down on the couch, and he read the first chapter out loud, then i read the next chapter out loud, and so on. That was how we read the first few books as they came out. As i got older we stopped doing it that way, but we sometimes had to get 2 copies so that we both could read it in the days after it came out.
My dad read them aloud to me and my brother a lot as they got longer and I was still young, and daunted by the sight of this fat-arse book. I remember those times so clearly and I don't really remember stuff from when I was a kid. It's weird the stuff that sticks with you. I think Harry Potter impacted my life much more than I realised. :) x
yes! my younger sister for some insane reason has not read them, and it is incredibly strange for me to think of what my life would have been like if I had not read them. They are just a part of my life. Like its not even a question. Harry Potter was ) a very prominent part of my childhood.(and it still is now, not that I am a child)
In year 1 or 2 my 'boyfriend' Sam was reading HP and the Goblet of Fire, he was in year 3 I think anyway, asked him what it was about and I thought it sounded like the coolest thing ever. But then I forgot about it and when the first movie came out I was just like ''oh yeah, Harry Potter'' and I have loved it ever since :)


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