Harry Potter is something that is a part of so many childhood memories. It's literally been with me as I've grown up and become an adult (I know I'm only 16 but I can vote and I consider myself an adult).

The earliest memory of harry potter is when my dad gave me the first harry potter book. I remember it very clearly considering the fact that I don't really have many memories from when I was younger. I remember he gave me this book and said "It's meant to be really good but I don't know if it might be a bit too difficult for you".

I also remember seeing the first film at the cinema. I speifically remember the bit at the end where Quirell is crumbling and there's fire everywhere and it's all going down. :P

I think it's really interesting that I have so many memories that are special to me, which surround Harry Potter and I was wondering if anyone else had some as well.

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My first Harry Potter memory was in kindergarten, when a group of my friends were acting out the first book and I punched one in the balls because he said I couldn't be Harry, as I am a girl. This is true.
My first Harry Potter memory is, unfortunately, of watching the DVD of Half-Blood Prince and hating it! But I read the books a month ago, and now I'm obsessed!
I've been reading Harry Potter since I was 9 (I'm alomst 19 now) and I remember in 4th grade, just after I started the series, I did my major book report on Prisoner of Azkaban. I also used to write down every spell I found and would run around outside with a twig (now I've upgraded to a wand), convinced I was a witch.
Screaming my lungs off when I thought Harry was going to die in the first book. ( Iwas six, so it was ok!)... good times.
When I was 6 my older brother dressed as Harry Potter for Halloween. He shouted some made up spell and said "Now I have your nose!". It took a while for me to stop crying and figure out my nose was still on my face.
Mom was reading the first one to me, and when she said the word: but, we laughed, i mean i was like 6 or 7, im was immature :P
The first time I heard of Harry Potter was first grade. My family and I went to see it in theaters. It was pretty crowded, so we had to sit in the third row. That night I had a headache and some nightmares (Voldy is scary! Especially to a 7 year old!) I then forgot about it, but when HP and the Chamber of Secrets came out my brother and I wanted to watch it.
My first and only Harry Potter memory was probably the filming of it. The main studios for Harry Potter are about five minutes from where I live, and throughout the time that they've been filming. There's always been green-screens out on the field in the distance, etc etc.
I was 4 years old, and me, my sisters, and my parents watched the first movie. At that point, I couldn't read very well, so my mom read the first and second books to me and my sisters, but we didn't really pay attention. I was young, so you can't really blame me.
I remember my parents reading Harry Potter to me right before bedtime, and in the morning pretending to read the books even though I had yet to learn how to read.... Oh! And that I imagined the Weasley twins as girls... is that weird? :)
second or third grade when my mom brought home the first harry potter dvd. we all watched it and she proceeded to make fun of how taken i was/still am with Daniel Radcliffe and Fred Weasley. :) every one after that except four and five i saw while they were  in the movies. :D

I have two first memories, really...

First was with the book. My uncle gave it to me. I put it on the shelf for more than a year because I had absolutely no interest in reading it. Then I wanted a book, read it, and was SOLD on Harry Potter entirely.


My other was going to the film with my uncle, mom, and grandma... Not much to that one; I just remember sitting in the dark theater waiting on it to start. XP


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