Harry Potter is something that is a part of so many childhood memories. It's literally been with me as I've grown up and become an adult (I know I'm only 16 but I can vote and I consider myself an adult).

The earliest memory of harry potter is when my dad gave me the first harry potter book. I remember it very clearly considering the fact that I don't really have many memories from when I was younger. I remember he gave me this book and said "It's meant to be really good but I don't know if it might be a bit too difficult for you".

I also remember seeing the first film at the cinema. I speifically remember the bit at the end where Quirell is crumbling and there's fire everywhere and it's all going down. :P

I think it's really interesting that I have so many memories that are special to me, which surround Harry Potter and I was wondering if anyone else had some as well.

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I've been reading Harry Potter since I was 9 (I'm alomst 19 now) and I remember in 4th grade, just after I started the series, I did my major book report on Prisoner of Azkaban. I also used to write down every spell I found and would run around outside with a twig (now I've upgraded to a wand), convinced I was a witch.
Screaming my lungs off when I thought Harry was going to die in the first book. ( Iwas six, so it was ok!)... good times.
When I was 6 my older brother dressed as Harry Potter for Halloween. He shouted some made up spell and said "Now I have your nose!". It took a while for me to stop crying and figure out my nose was still on my face.
Mom was reading the first one to me, and when she said the word: but, we laughed, i mean i was like 6 or 7, im was immature :P
The first time I heard of Harry Potter was first grade. My family and I went to see it in theaters. It was pretty crowded, so we had to sit in the third row. That night I had a headache and some nightmares (Voldy is scary! Especially to a 7 year old!) I then forgot about it, but when HP and the Chamber of Secrets came out my brother and I wanted to watch it.
My first and only Harry Potter memory was probably the filming of it. The main studios for Harry Potter are about five minutes from where I live, and throughout the time that they've been filming. There's always been green-screens out on the field in the distance, etc etc.
I was 4 years old, and me, my sisters, and my parents watched the first movie. At that point, I couldn't read very well, so my mom read the first and second books to me and my sisters, but we didn't really pay attention. I was young, so you can't really blame me.
I remember my parents reading Harry Potter to me right before bedtime, and in the morning pretending to read the books even though I had yet to learn how to read.... Oh! And that I imagined the Weasley twins as girls... is that weird? :)
second or third grade when my mom brought home the first harry potter dvd. we all watched it and she proceeded to make fun of how taken i was/still am with Daniel Radcliffe and Fred Weasley. :) every one after that except four and five i saw while they were  in the movies. :D

I have two first memories, really...

First was with the book. My uncle gave it to me. I put it on the shelf for more than a year because I had absolutely no interest in reading it. Then I wanted a book, read it, and was SOLD on Harry Potter entirely.


My other was going to the film with my uncle, mom, and grandma... Not much to that one; I just remember sitting in the dark theater waiting on it to start. XP

My brother read me the first chapter of the first book, and got me hooked. He used to read a chapter to me every couple of nights, but gave up pretty quickly (can't remember how old we were). I struggled getting through it though, since I didn't have the attension span for books that I have now, so my dad brought me the audio CDs for books one to three, read by Stephen Fry. (Which thus began my eventual obsession with Stephen Fry, but that's another story.)
My first memory of Harry Potter is my parents bringing me and my little brother to see the first movie. At that point I'd never heard of Harry Potter but after watching the movie I went home and started reading the books with great abandon.


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